Okay, so I know my hotel and vacation expectations. Maybe I forgot (unlikely) or maybe I chose not to follow them. First, I wore underwear. Not the sexy lingerie of matching bra and panties that Sir has preapproved, but the comfy, cotton granny panties that I love. It was, after all, going to be a long car ride – 10 hours!!

Sir, of course, figured out VERY quickly what I had done but made no comment. When we finally arrived at the beach house, however, he immediately started piling pillows on the bed. I knew what was expected. I started to undress, but he stopped me. This, he explained, was a PUNISHMENT.  I would remain clothed. He pulled my offending panties down then took off his belt.

“How long was the ride here?”

I cringed. “Ten hours, Sir.”

“Then ten it shall be.”

Ten times, with no warm up, he whipped my ass with his belt. I bit the pillow and screamed as quietly as possible. When he finished, I thought he would hug or kiss me or something! Instead, he ordered me to stay in place as he unpacked our luggage. Only when he finished did he gather me in his arms and comfort me. I kicked of the offending panties and asked permission to remove the bra.

“Yes, of course,” he answered. “We’ll have no more disobedience, will we?”

I thought a minute and giggled “To be honest Sir, I really can’t promise that.”

He threw his head back and laughed. This was starting out as a smashing good vacay!

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