Five ways to Show your Dominance in Public

  1.  Touch her/him. A hand on the shoulder or the small of the back is all it takes.
  2. Pay the bill. YOU take care of her/him, not the other way around. However, if your submissive wishes to treat you, let her/him. A generous heart know how to accept a gift.
  3. Use “old school” manners. Let your “boy” open doors, smile you “hand” your girl out of the car.
  4. Use your pet’s name in public. For example:  “Look at that kitten over there. Isn’t she lovely.”
  5. DGi8zEAXkAAYcXrMake sure you always treat your charge with respect in both action and words. YOU (assuming your charge agrees!) have the right to humiliate and use your charge or to share her with select individuals, but not with the public at large. Remember, there are innocents in the public – children, those who do not approve of our practices – and it is simply poor taste to force them to participate.

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