5 ways to show him RESPECT in public

  1.  Dress in a way that pleases him but is also appropriate for the occasion and comfortable for you. There is nothing demeaning in choosing appropriate clothing that you know He will like.
  2. Allow him to be a Gentleman: open doors for you, assist you in ways you may not NEED, but shows His desire and ability to care for you.
  3. Smile. It’s that simple. A small smile and THAT look in your eye can tell him everything.
  4. Don’t criticize. Disagree in  mannerly way if needed, but don’t be a bitchy complainer. If you don’t want him to speak ill of you, don’t do it to him.
  5. Use the word by which you call him whether it be “Sir” or “Master” in small talk then glance at Him. For example:  Why, Mary, this steak is delicious! You certainly are the master of the grill!”f288062b137716dcae4c7202b2651bdf

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