Summer Rules 2019

New House Rules will, naturally, still apply, but I will follow an additional five rules for the season. I did not have input into any of these rules, but I’m totally cool with that. I did have veto power over them! Milord came up with the rules (he probably had a list of 30 to choose from!) and presented me with his top five. It’s going to be a challenging summer, but I’m up for it.

  1.  Despite the House Rule of wearing only matching lingerie, for the summer no lingerie will be worn unless specific permission is given. If I ask for this privilege and it is granted, I must “pay” for this boon by wearing a butt plug of Milord’s choosing the entire time I wear the lingerie.
  2. When eating at home, we will eat only veterinarian meals, preferably with produce from our own garden. If this is not possible, with produce from the local farmer’s market.
  3. While at home and nude (per House Rules) from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m., I will also wear ankle and wrist “bracelets”  so that Milord may easily restrict my movements.
  4. Every Tuesday will be Maintenance Night. I will present myself to Milord in his office by 7:00 p.m. This time will be adhered to even if he is not yet home. I will be nude and silent until he gives permission to speak or asks a question.
  5. My pussy will be used by His cock ONLY for rewards. Otherwise, Milord will utilize my mouth or my anus for his (and my!) pleasure.

5 thoughts on “Summer Rules 2019

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