The Disciplinarian: On Your Knees

I arrived at the hotel on time. I was late once The Disciplinarian and learned my lesson. Actually, I was ten minutes early, but did not enter the room until the EXACT time He had decreed. He has threatened to put a camera in the room, and I’m not sure if He has or hasn’t. I gave my approval for this, so I just don’t know.

On the desk was an envelope marked 1. I opened this first.


Remove all clothing except for your heels. Kneel in front of the chair, arms on the chair, ass out. Do not move, not even to turn around and look when you hear the door open. Expect to me on your knees all afternoon.

Okay. This was different. I followed his instructions, positioned myself and waited. Then waited. Finally, I heard the door open and close, various movements, a chink of ice in a glass, water being poured.

“Remain in position. Do not scream. Moaning and crying are acceptable.”

I did not reply. No question had been asked.

He ran his hand down my back, my ass, my legs. He returned to my ass and administer twenty sharp swats to each cheek. By the time he finished I was indeed crying.


I sniffed then listed off  the misdeeds I wished to be punished for. 1.  drinking alcohol during the week. 2.  Upbraiding an employee for no good reason. 3.  Not picking up four times when my mother called. 4.  Going over my entertainment budget by $100.00.

“We will deal with each misdeed as you have listed them. I’m assuming that the drink had ice. Obviously, you need to be cooled off.”

I heard the mini fridge open and knew that he had planned ahead. He pressed what felt like aglass plug block of ice against my anus. I jumped and cried out which earned me five more swats on my tender ass. I bit my lip and remained still and he slowly twisted the chilled plug inside of me. I whimpered both from the cold and the invasion. 

“That will stay in place until I tell you otherwise. As to number 2. One upbraiding deserves another. Brace yourself.”

I heard the soft slither of leather against fabric. Twenty blows later, I had my head between my arms and was sobbing, but was also entering that beautiful place where pain mingles with clarity. Tomorrow, I decided, I would find the employee and publicly apologize.

“Number 3, in my mind, is the most serious. Ignoring a family member is never acceptable. What if she had truly need you? Had been hurt? Was missing you? And you, you simply ignore her because it was inconvenient??? DLM3wgpW4AEfp5s

I cried again. This time from shame. He was right. He reached between my legs and flicked my clit, already dripping wet. He continued until I begged to let me orgasm.

“Absolutely not. You denied your mother, now you will be denied. Absolutely no orgasms for you. If you do, I will take my belt to your pussy.”

I nodded my understanding. A moment later I had to bite into the chair cushion to keep from screaming. He’d attached a clamp to my labia and clit.

“That too will stay until I remove it. Apparently, you’ve had quite the enjoyable month. Now, you will give pleasure to others without any yourself as punishment for your fourth misdeed. Sit back on your heals. You will service each man who sits in the chair. You will keep your eyes shut or down. You will NOT look at the man.”

I closed my eyes, mortified. I said, “I understand, Sir.”

He slapped me across my face. “I did not ask you a question. Do as you are told.”

Tears slipped from my eyes. The first man was kind and quick. He pulled out just as he was about to ejaculate and sprayed my breasts. The second was so big I gagged, so he grabbed a handful of hair and forced my mouth down, keeping it steady, while he lifted his hips and fucked my mouth. He also pulled out. He pulled my face back and I quickly closed my eyes as he sprayed my face with his cum.

My ass was uncomfortably full and my labia and clit were in agony. The third man I knew. It was HIM. He took his time, told me to use my hands, caress his balls, lick as well as suck. He slapped my tits as I worked on him. Each time I lifted my lips from his flesh, he pinched my nipples so hard I cried out, but I went back to work. My jaws ached and I was crying again. Finally, I felt his cock thicken and his balls raise. He too pulled out of my mouth and sprayed his jiz down my neck, across my tits, and my belly.

“There. Now. On your hands and knees, girl.”

I obeyed. He reached down and yanked the clamps free. I screamed, lowering my head to the carpet.

“Perfect. Stay in that position. I think you have one more spanking due just to make sure you’ve learned your lesson.”

At first he used his hand. Twenty on each cheek. Then, he went back to his belt. Ten on each cheek. I’d be standing on the subway ride home and certainly still be felling the effects every time I sat down for several days.

“Good. Now. Stay there until I text you. When I do, you may get dressed, read envelope 2, and leave.”

What? The plug, while no longer icy, was still inside of me!

I heard the door click. Moments later My phone alerted me and I stood, got dressed, and read envelope 2.

I have not forgotten the plug. Do NOT remove it before I send you a text allowing you to do so. It may be in an hour. It may be tomorrow. If you do remove it for any reason, you will alert me immediately, return to this room, and the entire session will be repeated.

Dear god, but I had chosen the right Disciplinarian!




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