Day of the Dare – 1

Of course it’s going to hurt. It wouldn’t be effective if it didn’t now, would it?

Marla shook her head. She was forbidden to speak and wouldn’t dare make this da43aa0932fafec10ab282ea6010bfa20by worse that it was proving to be. Of course, she was the one who had asked for this day, actually dared him to do this day. 

Bet you’d break before I did if you ever got the guts enough to give me a whole day of punishment!

What on God’s green earth had she been thinking! She’d woken up to Darien’s teeth biting her nipple. She’d cried out and tried to push him away. He responded by grabbing her wrists and holding them tight above her head.

You dared me to do this. Now behave.

Once he had bitten and tugged both nipples to the point of her tears, he had attached biting clamps to them. The clamps weren’t tight enough to impede the flow of blood, but their teeth bit in horribly to the already tortured flesh.

Woodshed. Now.

Marla whimpered, but scampered naked to the woodshed. Darien tied her wrists together behind her back then hooked the end of the leash to something, forcing her to bend uncomfortably low.

Darien, please, I was only joking!

He grabbed her by the chin and forced her to look up at him.

You will not speak unless to say your safeword. You asked for this, now you’re going to get it. If you’re good, I promise tomorrow will be far more pleasant.

With that, Marla nodded her head, giving her full consent. 19559794._SY540_

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