Things I’m Thankful for – the Submissive

  1.  Nipple Jewelry! I suppose I should back up a bit and say that I’m grateful for my breasts ae1f12ec65d836cfc1ceeb2bba9db5fband nipples. My mother had breast cancer 35 years ago, so first and foremost, I’m grateful to have escape cancer!!! As a submissive, I’m thankful that my Dominante enjoys playing with my breasts and often brings me gifts of pretty nipple jewelry.



2.  Kitchen Utensils. Not only do wooden spoons, plastic spatulas, and other utensils make my life as a cook easier, but the feel oh so delightfully punative.






3.  Roptied kitchene.  So very versitale!!! It can be used as a leash, binding, panties, corset, all kinds of things. It can also be easily transported on a plane, in a car, or even a briefcase. Honestly, Mr. D is rarely without a handy bit of cotton or silk rope. Plus, being an Eagle scout, his knowledge of knot tying is almost endless.




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4.  Leather. Again, so versitale! My favorite is, naturally, Mr. D’s belt, but it’s also the perfect material for corsets, chastity belts, bindings, blindfolds, clothing, shoes, paddles, floggers, whips. Just the scent of leather gets my juices flowing and my submission assured.




5.  Metal. Oh. My. Goodness. metal plugs, cuffs, chains attached to nipple clamps, a collar, spreader bars, leashes. There is really no limit to the wonderful things metal can be transformed into. It can be heated to be a comforting warmed or chilled to a punishing, bracing cold.







6.  Roses. The soft, tender beauty of the petals. The heady scent, the unforgiving harshness of their thorns, the strength of their stems.



7.  Silk. So very senual. Slick, delicate, yet very, very strong. Mr. D loves to use this as a blindfold, silken cords for bondage, soft, almost translucent lingerie, dresses.







8.  Mr. D’s hands. His soft touch always near. The hardness of him muscles when he spanks me. His hand at my elbow or the small of my back when I walk. His fingers running through my hair or twisting and pinching a nipple. I love to kiss his hands, suck his fingers, show him how much I am thankful for all the wonderful things he does with his hands.




9.  His lips. Actually, it’s all of him. His consideration and love for me, his discipline, his intelligence. But his lips. Oh, holy hell, but they are magnificent. On my lips or any place else on my body, I am always thankful. I find myself staring at his lips when he speaks. They are, in a word, magnificent, just as he is.



10.  His Understand. Of all that I am and his acceptance of that. He understand what I need before I do. He has become a strong, stern, yet kind, considerate Dominant to me. He doesn’t put up with my rule breaking. He sets reasonable expectations. He loves me as much as I do him. He is as free with a spanking as he is with his praise. He understarolling up sleevesnds that as a submissive I simply MUST have someone to worship – in a name, him. I MUST break rules and be brough to discipline. I MUST have his praise and his scolding. He, basicially, is what I am most thankful for.

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