Maintaining Work/sub balance

I tend to become very involved with my job. So much so, that everything else, including my freely given submission to my Man sometimes gets lost in the work week. We used to have a maintenance day once a month – the 15th. Now, we it once a week – every Monday morning. We set the alarm for an hour earlier than usual. I begin by wors30.08.2015. - 1hiping Man’s cock – a wonderful way to begin any day, but especially a Monday! Then, he makes love to me. He fills me with his cum so that I can feel it inside of me (or dipping down my thighs) all day long. (On Mondays, I’m not allowed to wear panties!) Then, we shower and dress – well – I mostly dress. I put on my stockings and bra, but that’s all. By the time I’m finsihed, Man is ready for me. He’s sitting in his spanking chair and I take my position. As he spanks, he reminds me of all sorts of things – that he loves me, that he expects me to be happy, that I’m a strong, intelligent woman, that he wants me to think of him as often as he thinks of me throughout the day. He spanks me quite sternly for at least 15 minutes. I don’t always cry, but I’m always very red assed and tender – just the way we both like it. Then, he cuddles and kisses me while I calm myself. I finish dressing and getting myself together, then off totumblr_ofk446nj9j1v32xpho1_540 work we both go. How has this helped me? Simple. Every time I sit, I remember his hand on my ass. Every time I feel a drip of cream on my thighs, I remember his cock in my pussy. Every time I feel a cool breeze up my skirt, I remember I belong to him. I feel more confident, more in control, calmer, sexier, happier. Mondays have suddenly become my favorite day of the week.

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