To my Dominant Husband

Dearest Love,

We began our journey into the world of BDSM more years ago than I can remember, but it is still fresh and pure. You have helped me embrace my sexuality and take pride in the fact that I find great pleasure in my service to  you. When you turn me over so that you can spank my bottom, I get wet. When you bind my wrists, I get wet. When you unzip your trousers and say “suck”, I’m past wet and into the zone. I realize that you, naturally, derive pleasure from this service, but make no mistake, so do I. Soon we will be celebrating another milestone in our relationship. I very much would like, with your permission, to honor that. I know you plan on taking me away for a few days, and during that time I am here, formally and publicly, requesting a reaffirmation of your intention to continue being my loving Dominant and my continued intention in being your loving submissive. During our day to day lives, we do not, cannot, live the lifestyle 24/7. It simply isn’t feasible.

However, During this reaffirtumblr_o4955yAVAr1trfqkjo1_540mation period, I ask – no – beg that we do just that. I ask that some symbol of my submissiveness be on my body at all times, even in public (something which I have never been comfortable with but would be will to do now) – a “day”collar, cuffs, body chain, plug, nipple jewelry – the choice is yours. I ask that this begin the night before our journey and end only when you decide.

I ask that you set and enforce specific expectations during this time. Some that we have had in the past included no clothing in the hotel room, no panties at all, ask permission before using the restroom. I love these, but would ask that you consider pushing my limits even more. I ask that you do that – push my limits.

I ask that I be allowed – required even – to worship your body however, wherever, and whenever you choose. I ask that you play with or expose my body in the same manner. In private, semi-private, or public, I ask that you take what you want knowing that I have already agreed. I want, so very, very much, to give you that which I never have been comfortable with before – TOTAL Exchange of Power.

Lovingly yours,



6 thoughts on “To my Dominant Husband

  1. Thank you. As my readers know, I primarily write fiction, so about 95% of the stories on here are just that – fiction. This, however, is not. There is no person I admire more than my husband of 30 years. I gave him my heard a very long time ago, and if given the chance, would do it again. He is the love of my life.


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