Bossing the Boss

It all started in the elevator. No. Not right. The car. Well, maybe before that even. When I called Evan into my office (yes, I am my dominant’s boss), and told him that allcxapgrwwqaamslp of our customers has been served and I was now free for the next two days, he got that look in his eye. THAT was when it started! He nodded to me, asked if I would like to come to lunch with him, and held my coat for me. I locked up the office and off we went. As soon as he had seated me in the car, he said that word. SUBMIT. Now I could have declined, but where’s the fun in that. I instead opened my purse, took out my collar and snapped it in place. This is not a delicate little day collar. This is a full on leather Submissive Collar.  He then said BARE. I scooted a bit, removed my panties, rolled down the window and tossed them out. I’ve lost more good pairs of panties that way, but when he says BARE, he means it. There will be absolutely no chance of my wearing panties again until he gives me a new pair. We arrived at the hotel/restaurant (the restaurant is on the top floor) and walked into the elevator. Before the doors had closed, he hand his arms around me, my skirt up over my hips and kissed me into a fuzzy little sub. When the elevator door opened, another young couple came in, but he did not lower my skirt. They gawked a bit, then offered us encouragement. Only when we were exiting the elevator did Evan pull down my skirt. The waitress seated us and stared at my collar – which happens often. She cast a knowing glance and Evan and asked what he would like to order. She didn’t even look at me again even when Evan ordered me  the grilled salmon plate with a Manhattan. He also ordered a full bottle of wine. Honestly, I don’t need the wine to follow his orders, but I love that light, flighty feeling. I only drink when I’m with him and he chooses what and how much I drink. When the Manhattan came, I removed the cherry and waited. INSERT. Blushing, I inserted the cherry into my pussy – just pushed it beneath my skirt and in it went. I kept my eyes on him, too embarrassed to see if anyone else had noticed. He nodded approval, and any embarrassment was forgotten. We finished our meal – and the wine. Evan paid, I wiggled, very aware of the sticky cherry in my tunnel. He ordered another bottle of wine to be sent to our room and I looked at him in surprise. Apparently, we were staying at the hotel for longer than I had originally thought.
We stepped into the room and I immediately undressed. I know his Hotel Rules. He then had me sit on a wooden end table. He dropped his trousers, pulled me back, keeping a nice hold of my collar, and fucketumblr_oduz0lhjlp1vpt1lco1_540d my mouth. Finally!! God I love the suddenness, some would argue brutality, of having my mouth fucked. There is nothing gentle here. Gentleness will come later. Now, now it is all demanding, primal, animal lust. Evan will claim me, mark me, subjugate me for his pleasure and I will relish every single minute of it. I wonder if we will be in this room for the next 2 days, but I can’t ask. First, my mouth is full in the most pleasant of ways. Second, it’s not my place to ask. I don’t want to know. I just want to be and to do and to serve and to love. Quickly, the first time he comes is always quick, he spills his seed down my throat. I gag, loosen my throat, and swallow. I lick him clean – his cock, his balls, every bit of skin I can reach. Then, I slip to the floor and kneel, panting, and look up at him. I can’t keep from smiling. He smiles back.

“Georgia, you are incredible. Can’t believe I was lucky enough to get you to agree to be my submissive, love. Tell me, are you ready for a hedonist few days?”

“You know I am.”

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