National Take A Hike Day (with a D/s twist)

So today, apparently is National Take a Hike Day. Naturally, we do just that – hike. But Master, of course, has a few things up his sleeve. First, let me assure you all that this is a semi- private area in which we hike. The forest is owned by Master and four of his friends, so if we do happen to run into anyone else, they are of like minds. No chance of shocking the general public with ored in woodur antics! I knew I was in for it when we had walked less than 1/4 of a mile and Master had me disrobe. He took my clothes and stowed them in his backpack. Then, he found a lovely stick for me to carry. It was lightweight, but kept me boound without the need for rope since I had to keep my hands on both ends of it. Master walked in front of me, turning around often to make sure I was okay and to check out my breasts (he LOVES my breasts!)  We came to a beautiful part of the woods where moss covers the stones and the trees create a shady canopy. Master had me sit on the soft moss and worship his cock. Can I get a “Hell’s Yea!” I wanted so very, very badly to cradle his jewels, but he had warned me that if I moved my hands from the stick he’d switch my bottom with stinging nettle. (That happened ONCE and boy did I learn my lesson!) Nonetheless, Master allowed me to savor his cock, licking and sucking to my heart’s content. I was grateful for the moss beneath my bottom which not only cushioned the rock, but absorbed the sweet juices that were leaking out of me! Master began to pump his hims, fucking my mouth. He groaned and I was he was going to come, but he surprised me. He stepped back, undressed (YUM!!), then took the stick. My arms were a bit wobbly, but I was free. Then, He kissed me, picked me up, and I wrapped my legs around him. Somehow, he knelt on the ground, and within a moment, his marvelous cock win the woodsas buried deep inside of me. I came, over and over again, tears of joy covering my face. He made love to me slowly, carefully, gently, kissing my lips, my neck, my breasts. Minutes – or perhaps hours – later, he lifted himself on his elbows, bellowed out his pleasure, and filled me with his hot, creamy cum. We lay there, entwined in each other’s arms, until we could breath normally. He helped me to my feet, dressed (but kept me naked!), and we continued our hike. Seriously, National Hiking Day needs to be celebrated more than once a year!

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