Fellatio Training

Honestly, I’ve never liked giving head. I tend to gag and I don’t like the smell. Of course, I’ve only tried it with two other men. Now, though, Sir has taken it upon himself to train me in this Art. In order to teach me the importance of this and to add another level of control over me, Sir has inserted a small bullet vibrator into my pussy. He carries the remote. So that I cannot take it out or touch myself without his permission, he has also Image result for remote control vibratorlocked a very elegant, comfortable, discrete chastity device. The key is on a small golden chain around his neck. He will unlock me only if I please him with my mouth. This morning, after he had locked me in this device, Sir had me lie on the bed. He knelt above me, his balls dangling over my face. I inhaled and smelled the clean scent of water from His shower and His own male musk. Rather than my previous unpleasant encounters, Sir’s scent made me wet immediately. I eagerly kissed and licked his balls while he pinched and tweaked my nipples. I gasped at the pleasure. Sir did not rush me, but let me explore at my own pace. I was not to use my hands, only my mouth. When he first told me this, I was concerned, but my trust in Him overpowered these concerns. His skin was soft, sweet and the balls resilient and lovely. I opened my mouth and encased one with my lips, sucking gently.
I glowed with pleasure. He released one nipple and began to touch himself. I suckled the other ball and heard his moan. I ran my tongue around the delightful sacs, down his perineum, rimmed his bum hole and back up to his jewels. He pumped faster as I explored and to my joy, I felt the hot testament to his pleasure spray across my breasts. I wiggled and squirmed, needing my own relief.
“Now, my love, you know I will unlock you when I choose, but until then, you will find no release. Eventually, you will find release in the Act of Fellation. Now, get cleaned up and dressed.”
Sighing, I did as he ordered. We left for work. He an authority of History and adviser to museums and me his assistant. Even though we work alone, renting rooms in a small office building close to the University, Sir requires professional dress and demeanor at all times. Well, unless he requires me for enjoyment or distraction. Today, I will remained fully clothed, but will be required to perform fellatio once every hour, on the hour.
As the day goes on, I find myself looking at the clock often, eager to perform my duty. I have found that if I relax my throat, I can take His cock deeply into my mouth and even down my throat a bit. I have learned to cup his balls gently, massage them, adore them. Now, it is almost time to leave again for home. It is a few minutes before the hour and he leads me to the elevator. I am surprised and a bit disappointed since I thought I was to again worship his cock. We enter the elevator and I hear the alarm on his watch. He looks at me, his eyes dark and then he raises his eyebrows.
“Oh, you will be punished for that question, love.”
I hesitate again, for just a moment, then nod. He is right. I agreed to adore him every hour, on the hour, without condition. I kneel in front of him and unzip his trousers. I begin my worship. I feel and hear the elevator stop. The doors open, but no one comes on. I blush to think that someone might see me, but I know my place and it is here. Kneeling before my Lord, serving his needs as he desires. He turns on the vibrator and I moan. Then, a familiar warmth spreads through me and I begin to pant, bobbing my head faster. Liquid heat spills from me and I explode, moaning, but keeping my mouth on him. When I come back to myself i sit back on my heels and look up at him. He’s turned off the vibrator and i feel my own wetness on my thighs. I smile up at him and he returns this. I can’t believe it happened. I actually orgasmed by giving him fellation (okay, so the vibrator and orgasm denial helped!). He helps me to my feet and we walk to the car. On the drive home he glances over at me and says, “I’m so proud of you.” I’m glowing. And, I can’t wait to ge this beautiful cock in my mouth again.

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