Anytime, Anyplace He Chooses

Milord has, intentionally I’m sure, not commanded me to worship his cock for several days. I have, however, begged him to allow me to do so. It was two days before I could sit somewhat comfortably after I forgot the rule. Remember to beg. Today, he reminded me that another rule Standard Rule is this: SUBMIT TO HIM ANYTIME, ANYPLACE HE CHOOSES.

There is no discussion, no arguing, no hesitating. When he commands me to submit, I will. Today, for example, we were at a friend’s home. Julian, Milord’s friend, was unaware of our lifestyle. Until today, that is. We were all three enjoying a glass of wine when Julian told Milord about a blog he had discovered and enjoyed. Naturally, the blog was about a D/s lifestyle. Julian laughed and said that he’d give anything to find a woman who would not only accept orders from a man, but enjoy doing so as well. I glanced at Milord and shook my head quickly, silently begging him not to respond. Of course, he did. He told Julian that we, in fact, had just such a relationship. He looked at me and said, Now. Submit. I closed my eyes a moment, hesitating, then silently nodded. When he said the word “submit” I was not allowed to speak unless to answer a question or use my safe word. Julian was stunned by my immediate change of demeanor. He then asked Milord just how far I would go in my obedience. As far as I require was his answer. He then told me to stand and strip. Hesitantly, I did so. Julian was struck dumb. Milord bent me over the table and I heard the tell tale sound of his zipper. A moment later his cock was inside of me, my wrists held tightly at the small of my back. He proceeded to tell Julian all the details of our D/s life including my little lapse last week! He commented that after that particular whipping he was sure I’d remember my rules for a good long while. All the while he was talking, he was fucking me. I wanted, needed to come, but he had not given permission. Being used like this in front of his friend was both humiliating and liberating. I was proud of being such a well trained submissive! Then, Milord tooktumblr_mo0f416ptd1qcng3so1_500 it to the next level. He asked Julian if he’d like to fuck me! I moaned and dropped my head. Julian, naturally, said he’d love to. Milord asked him which opening he’d like to fuck. I stopped breathing for a moment. No one but Milord had ever been in my ass! Thankfully, Julian chose my pussy. Faster than I could think, Julian was now fucking my pussy. I looked up and there was Milord sitting on the other side of the table, watching. He smiled at me and I smiled back. No way in HELL would I disappoint him!! Within moments, Julian pulled out and hot cum splashed on my back and ass. Still, I stayed in position. Milord had not given permission to move. He then stood and came around behind me again. He spread my ass cheeks and his cock pressed against my anus.   He murmured encouragement to me. Julian asked if I ever refused him. Milord laughed as he pushed his cock into my ass. He held my wrists again as he began thrusting in and out and explained that if I ever did refuse him, other than using my safeword, that I would be severely and immediately punished. He told his friend about various types of punishment he used – spanking, caning, flogging, nipple clamps, figging, forced nudity, and so on. Julian remained quiet while Milord continued to fuck me. He then said, You’re free to come now. And I did. Explosively! Fireworks exploding throughout my body. Finally, he came, emptying his balls deep inside of me. I was still trembling with my own orgasms as he then stepped back and I heard him zip his trousers up. I still didn’t move. Julian asked what he would do for a punishment if there was a need for quiet. I cringed, remembering the one time when this had happened. Milord didn’t answer at first then said, I use capsaicin cream. Julian was confused and asked more questions. As it turned out, he suffered from arthritis in his knee and often used the cream to releave the stiffness and pain. I tell you what, since you have some here, why don’t I show you. I seem to recall a slight hesitation earlier. I began to cry. Softly. He was right. I had hesitated, so I had no reason to complain. I felt the cool cream on my ass. The two men stood back, chatting, as I began to squirm. Julian commented on how red my ass was becoming and how I was obviously feeling the effects. Milord agreed, assuring Julian that I’d be red bottomed and uncomfortable for a few hours. The effects of the cream would rise in intensity – No shit!! – then slowly dissipate. He then told me to stand, kissed me, told me he was proud of me (okay, all of this just became so very worth it!). He handed me my dress and said, Image result for submissive woman kneelingreleased. I was now free to speak. I threw my arms around his neck, kissed him, and thanked him. Rather than sitting back on the couch with the men, I knelt. No, I was not ordered to to this, but I wanted to. I was in a lovely sub-mind. My ass was on fire, there was dried cum on my back and wet cum dripping from my asshole. I had pleased Milord and I couldn’t have been happier.

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