Perky Pride

This week Mister has given me a new rule. I am not allowed to wear a bra for at least 7 days. This came about when I made the comment that I was embarrassed by how bit my nipples are Nipple Erector Set  $19.95 but You can get this or almost any other single item for 50% OFF + Free Shipping + DVDS and Mystery GIFT when you use the code PINIT @ checkout at sometimes and how I wished they wouldn’t stick out so much. Mister was unhappy with this sentiment, saying that I should be proud of my nipples, of my entire body, in fact. Regrettably, I argued, saying that he just didn’t understand. He then pointed that obviously, I was the one who didn’t understand. I’d also broken one of our long standing expectations. Never to insult what He loved – me. As a result, He marched me into our bedroom, ordered me to strip (I am always disciplined while in the nude), and demanded that I hand over all – every last one – of my bras to him. He took them and placed them in a box, tied it with ribbon, and put the box on a top shelf in his closet. He then had me stand straight against the wall and attached nipple pumps to me. He scolded meburn your bra - more at: for a while then said that I could learn to have pride in my body by showing it off. No more hiding behind lightly padded bras. I cried and begged him to let me wear my bras, at least the unpadded ones, but he refused. He kissed me, released the pumps and told me to get dressed. I did, my cheeks bright pink when I saw just how plump and obvious my nipples were. Then, we went grocery shopping. I could feel people staring at my nipples and wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere. Mister, however, looked at me with lust and I began to understand. I should be no more ashamed of my nipples and the appreciative stares they generate than I am of any other part of my body. I smiled at Mister and, as soon as we got h
ome, asked if I could thank him properly. Naturally, he agreed. With the taste of his sweetness still in my mouth, I told him that I understood what he was trying to teach me. He said he was glad, but that he wanted to drive the point home to me. Each morning before he left for work, each afternoon beginning at 1:00, and each evening before he made love to me, I would have the nipple suction toys on for at least 20 minutes. This would ensure that the nips would always be puffy and perky. I would not wear a bra. I would go about my daily activities – shopping, cleaning, going out with friends, yard work – all of it with my nipples clearly visible. Honestly, I’m still self conscious, but after five days of no bra, I’m becoming more accustomed to the stares and feeling of free nipples. Besides, Mister can’t walk past me now without giving them a quick tweak, a sensuous brush of his hand, or a nip with his mouth. And at the end of the day, the look of lust and pleasure in his eyes is worth far more than the fading embarrassment I feel.



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