Bossing the Boss – 3

Bossing the Boss – 2

Bossing the Boss

He’d been clear about the Weekend Theme. I was to have something in my pussy 24/7. If HE put it in, only HE could take it out. Even if it came out accidentally, I would pay the consequence. This is one of the many reasons I LOVE being Evan’s submissive. He knows how much I love being “punished” and he is more happy to accommodate me by setting up expectations that are difficult for me to achieve. I absolutely love this. As soon as I felt the ben wah balls sliding out of me I felt a gush of wetness and excitement. Now, here I am. In position. He’s put larger balls inside of me this time. Three of them, all lined up on a string. They click and clack together with every move I make and distract me from what i should have been concentrating on. His belt! When the first lash comes, I’m caught off guard and break position. Quickly, I control myself, but that lash won’t count. He begins again. I’m dancing from foot to foot and I come twice, but I manage to keep my hands on the bed for the full ten strokes. I’m a blubbering mess now – weeping and begging for him to forgive me and to fuck me. He holds me until I’m calm – okay, at least not crying and begging anymore. Then, he again tells me to put on my dress and shoes. I do so, barely able to walk. Yes, my ass is on fire, but I’m so fucking excited I can hardly stand it! Somehow, I manage to follow him to the bar. He sits me on a stool, smiling when I wince. He orders himself a drink, but not me. Soon, he’s deep in conversation with the guy sitting next to him and I’m left to wiggle and try not to come in public! After about an hour of pure torture, Evan takes me by the elbow and helps me stand. My knees almost buckle when I do because the balls shifted and I began to tremble. Wetness is again running down my thighs. Not only Evan, but the other man stands. They continue to talk as we all get into the elevator and go back to our room. I don’t know the other man, but Evan does. I get the idea that this has all been pre-arrantumblr_od5zpw27vb1se5ineo1_540ged. Once we get into the room I look at Evan and his eyes narrow. I undress. Just because he has a guest does not excuse me from his basic Hotel Rule! I will be nude while in the room – at all times. Evan then tells me to pull out a chair. He bends me over it and, using his tie and belt, binds me in place. The other man stands in front of me and unzips his trousers. I open my mouth. No, I don’t question Evan, who is finally pulling out the balls!! I explode! My lips around a stanger’s cock, Evan stands behind me and fills my pussy with his own cock. Finally! His cock in my pussy!!! I would do absolutely fucking anything for this feeling!!! He fucks, I suck. Eventually, the man pulls out of my mouth and shoots his load all over my face. I hate this, but love it at the same time. The heat of the cream makes me cringe, but it feels so good, combined with Evan’s cock inside of me, that I come and come and come. I feel Evan grip my hips tightly then he comes as well, filling my pussy with his cum.  He unties me and carries me to the bed. I lie there, happy. Then, he puts the balls back inside of me. He kisses me as tells me he’s proud of me. He tells me to rest while he and Jim (the other man) enjoy a glass of wine. I snuggle beneath the covers, my pussy wet and full, my bottom still tingly, knowing I’ve had Evan’s cum in every hole I have, and know that life just doesn’t get any better.

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