Every Choice has a Consequence

Tonight, I have a choices.Of course, each choice has a consequence and I do not have the choice of consequence. Only Mr. Bradley has that choice. I don't even know what the consequences will be. Some will be pleasant, others unpleasant (at least to begin with). Honestly thought, every choice is pleasant when Mr. Bradley … Continue reading Every Choice has a Consequence

Broken Winter Rule

As stated previously, I've already broken a Winter Rule by not posting my Winter Rules sooner. As a result, Master was . quite displeased. I can't believe I'm writing this, but it's better than another punishment/discipline session. Yesterday's session - an all day affair - was more than enough to put me on the straight … Continue reading Broken Winter Rule

Submitting to Milord – 4

Today was a true test to my self discipline. Milord first fitted me with leather cuffs, then he took me for a walk. As I've mentioned before, I hate being out of the house while I'm nude even thought the chances of anyone seeing me here is remote especially once we leave the shoreline and … Continue reading Submitting to Milord – 4