Pick A Box – 3

One box left. Janice looked at Clark, pleadingly.

“Really. I’ve learned my less, Clark. I have. Please don’t make me do this again today. I can’t stand it. My bottom is so very, very tender. Please.”

“Open the box, Janice.”

Wiping a tear away, Janice did as she was told. when she saw the three balled anal bead plug, she sighed with relief. It was much smaller than the plugs she’d had to wear the last 2 days. Plus, it too was made of silicone, so it was flexible.

Just as he had the last two mornings, Clark inserted the plug and ran through his Booty Call Booty Anal Beads Black - Uniquely shaped, flexible and pliable anal sex toy. Easy to use pull handle for retrieval. Safe and pure for body and pleasure. Made using phthalate free, non-toxic materials Silicone. Silicone high quality, hygienic man made polymer that is non-porous, durable, soft, flexible, pliable as well as versatile in its application in the sex toy production. Silicone is safe and pure phthalate free.: questions.

“Whose ass is this?”


“When will this come out?”

When you decide.

“Does it hurt?”


“Is it comfortable?”

Janice hesitated. “No, but more so than the last two days.”

Clark’s hand came down hard on her ass. “Did as you about the last two days?”

“No. I’m sorry.”

Clark continued to spank her. Hard. At first she bit her lip, then she began to cry and beg. When she heard his words, soft and quiet, telling her to beg more, she understood. If the plug wasn’t enough to make her cry and beg, he’d make her do it another way.

Clark! Please! Ow! I’m sorry.”

“Whose ass? Who decides?”

You. You do!

Ten minutes later, Clark pulled down her dress and helped her to stand. He wiped away her tears, kissed her, and told her to open the store. Despite the smaller plug, Janice was very aware of the beads moving inside of her. Each step caused a slight shift, a constant reminder that Clark controlled her ass and brought a smile to her face. Finally, the day ended. Janice locked the front door of the shop and went into the back room where Clark waited for her. A slow smile spread over his face. He pointed to the table.

“Right here. Bend over.” Janice did so.

“Ready for this to come out?”

“It’s your choice, sir.”

He rubbed her ass. “Now that’s a perfect answer, Janice. So perfect, you deserve a reward.”

Then, he fucked her. Fucked her wet, lonely pussy. She came the moment the tip of his cock touched her eager hole. He laughed when she came so quickly. She didn’t care that the beads were still in her ass. His cock was inside of her pussy. Nothing. Absolutely nothing else in the world matter. Then, he gave the beads a tug. She gasped. In one quick, hard movement, he yanked the beads out and thrust his cock in. She exploded.

“Please. Please, Clark. Come. Come in my pussy. Please,” she begged. It had been days since he’d filled her pussy with his sweetness. He leaned over her and whispered.

“But I promised you three days of cum in your ass, Janice. You know I keep my promises.”


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  1. Cum-Filled Ass Story With 3 Unique Anal Plugs; Throw In An Awesome Spanking and the Sexuality is ‘ Through the Roof’ With a Minimum of Words! Your Mind Has Got To Be A Lot of Fun!

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