Never Say No

“Show Me.”

Please, no.

“You know better than to tell me ‘no’. If you object, use your safe word. Otherwise, obey.”

Isn’t it enough that my nipples are so prominent?

“I’m waiting and you’re increasing your punishment for making me wait. Is that what you want?”


“Ah, that word again. Remind me again, what is your punishment for using the N word?”

Whipped with a switch

“Yes. And how many times have you said that word?”


“Twice. And how long have you made me wait to see what is mine?”

I don’t know.c0x3wcjukagdqui

“Three minutes and counting. You’re up to five strokes. Keep stalling and you’ll soon be up to six.”

But Milord, it’s so public here.


Yes, Milord.

“That’s perfect, love. Now, hold your skirt up with one hand and choose a switch with the other. Make sure it’s nice and whippy.”

Please, Milord. I’m sorry.

“I know, but you won’t respect my word if I don’t follow through, will you?”

No, Milord.

“There’s that word again. Seven.”

But Milord!

“Going for eight?”

I’ll do as you say, Milord

“Now that, love, is a much better answer. Nice choice of a switch. Now turn around, and put your hands on the steps in front of you. Hold your dress up”

Here? In public? What if someone hears or sees?

“Let them. I suggest you stay very quiet and very still. I’ll administer all eight quickly so you’ll have less chance of being seen.”



Thank you.




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