Every Choice has a Consequence

Tonight, I have a choices.Of course, each choice has a consequence and I do not have the choice of consequence. Only Mr. Bradley has that choice. I don’t even know what the consequences will be. Some will be pleasant, others unpleasant (at least to begin with). Honestly thought, every choice is pleasant when Mr. Bradley shares his times with me. He his my love, my Dominant, and my life.

Choice 1: An evtumblr_oloy9si9kr1vdwq0co1_540ening in or an evening out. I chose Out. Consequence:  Formal dress.

Choice 2:  Drive or Ride. I hate driving, so I chose to Ride. Consequence: Mr. Bradley called a cab then, throughout the ride to the club, I sat on his lap while he fondlein the card me. The Uber Driver got a view full from his mirror. Before leaving the car, Mr. Bradley offered the driver a full view of my breasts. He pulled my dress down, exposing me completely. I blushed furiously which pleased Mr. Bradley no end!

Choice 3:  Full or empty. I chose full, thinking he meant dinner. My mistake. He ordered broth for me and then handed me a package, told me to go into the restroom, and to come ba1053bdc867431f3ef847dc36736d66a5ck after I was properly “full” then return to the table within ten minutes.  I did as he said, and when I opened the package, I was grateful that he’d allowed me privacy to open the package. He’d also, quite thoughtfully, included a small packet of lube. I winced, but inserted the plug into my anus quickly. The restroom was on the opposite side of the building from our table and I did not want to be late. Stepping out of the stall, however, another woman engaged me in conversation. By the time I made it back to the table, I was three minutes late. Mr. Bradley glanced at his watch. Then, whispered the word, “Panties.” I blushed again, but wiggled on my seat, took off my panties and handed them to him.

cane mark

Choice 4:  Top or Bottom.  We returned home when Mr. Bradley gave me this choice. I knew it had something to do with punishing me for my earlier tardiness. I chose bottom. Mr. Bradly ordered me to strip out of my clothing and bend over the table. Three minutes late equaled three harsh stripes of the cane. Had I chosen top, it would have been administered across my breasts. I was grateful I’d chosen Bottom.


Choice 5:  Front or Back. I chose Front. @hile still bent over the table, my bottom marked with three bright red welts, my ass filled with His plug, Mr. Bradly undressed. I struggled to control myself because I couldn’t freakin’ see him!!! I LOVE his body!! He’s beautiful. Nonetheless, I remained in place. I felt the top of his cock press against my wet, eager pussy. I closed my eyes and sighed. Front had definitely been the correct choice.

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