Long Wear

He warned me. He warned me what would happen if I didn’t clean up my act. Did I listen? Of course notBoheme Gypsy Spirit - Zara Camel Boho Inspired Fall Midi Dress- ~LadyLuxury~: ! Why would I listen! Did I think he’d actually follow through with his threat? No fucking way! Guess what – I was wrong! He warned me that If I kept interrupting him, if I kept cussing (oops – guess I just did that again!) That he’d make my ass pay. Know what I did? I laughed at him and walked away. Guess who’s laughing now. Not me. that’s right. First, he hauled my ass over his lap and spanked me until I was was crying. Then, he spanked me some more. By now, My ass was had stolen all of the fire the had caused me to be such a smarty pants. It was hot and swollen and probably bright red.  Then, told me to go wait for him in the bathroom. I was to be stripped naked and have my elbows on the counter and looking into the mirror. You’d think I would have learned my lesson, but No, Not ME!!! I went to the bedroom, flopped down on the bed and cried. When he saw me there, he flipped me over, pulled down my yoga pants – panties and all and laid into my sore ass again – this time with his belt. Let me assure you, it took about 2 swipes before I was yowling and begging for forgiveness. After about 20 strips, he stopped and drug me to the bathroom. He pulled off my t-shirt and bra, and pressed my face against the counter. I have to admit, the cold tile felt good against my hot, wet cheek. Then, he grabbed some body oi, held it against my anus and squeezed. I squirmed and cried again. He held me in place easily. Truthfully, the fight had pretty much gone out of me. Really, was not cursing and not interrupting him when he was talking so much to ask? No, no it wasn’t. Then, went cold. He held up a metal plug. One that I had never seen before. It was hollow and really, really big. He told me that until I learned to stop being such a smart ass, that my ass would be filled. He inserted the thing. I would now have no control over my sphincter!!! It was being held open. OMG!!! Then, He held up a metal rod. He said he was, for the moment, going to keep the plug open as a reminder to me that I opened my mouth when it should have been shut. I sobbed and said I understood. He kept me like that – naked with an open plug in for the rest of the day. Twice I had to run to the bathroom for fear of embarrassing myself. Finally, I went to him, knelt, and admitted freely that I had been a royal Bi – um – brat. That I sincerely apologized for my behavior. He smiled, kissed me, and gave me his cock to suck – which I eagerly did!!! Then, he had me stand and bend over again. He fucked me – yay!!! – and even came inside of This metal hollow anal plug can be used for enema play, or any experience where you desire access to their innermost areas. The tapered tip makes insertion easy, with a removable core that screws into place. The looped handle makes retrieval and manipulation easy, and adds more weight when in place. Long lasting and durable, the spotless material will provide years of incredible play. For adde... #Anal #Toys #Enema #Anal #Toys #Master #Series: me. A while later, he told me to throw on a dress and shoes – we were going out.  I thought for sure he’d take the plug out. Nope. He showed me a metal screw like thing. This, he informed me, was going to be screwed into the opening of the plug. I had to keep it in. For how long? I asked. Until I say otherwise, he answered. But I won’t be able to sit with that tube thing in me! I complained. No, you won’t, he answered. Then smiled.I tell you what, he said, since you’ve been good the last few hours I’ll tell give you a timeline. If you can behave, I’ll take the plug out at this time tomorrow. My mouth dropped open. Then closed. I dropped my head then nodded.

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