House Rules

It occurred to me that I have mention the House Rules or Common Rules (CR) (Winter Rules – a bit late) but have not shared what those are. I was reminded of this when one was broken recently. First, the CR. These are the five rules that we, Milord and I, have agreed to keep in effect on a continuous basis.

  1.  Honestly at all times when answering questions, although either of us is allowed to refrain from answering with no consequences.
  2. My body is His and as such, He has the right to see it whenever or wherever he chooses.
  3. He has the right to use my body for His pleasure, including sharing it with others of His choosing.
  4. It is my job to keep the playroom, bathroom, and bedroom stocked with a variety of lubrications and oils.
  5. The safe word will always be respected, but until that word is used, He is free to play with, discipline, and use my body in any way He chooses.

Basic, simple rules. Easy to remember and easy to follow. Naturally, I messed up. This morning he pulled my sweater up and began to play with my nipples but I pulled away saying I needed to finish some chore or other. It doesn’t really matter what it was, the point is, I denied him what he wanted for no good reason. He let me finish whatever it was that seemed so important, but then he called me to the kitchen. He bent me over the counter, flipped up my skirt, and scolded me for breaking rules number 2 and 3Image result for anal plug. I begged forgiveness, promising I’d do better. He, however, kept up with the spanking until real tears were flowing down my face and I danced from foot to foot. He kept it up until I was a limp noodle and truly repentant. Then, to remind me that I had given him dominion over my body, he said he was going to have me wear a plug until at least after lunch. If I didn’t complain, he’d take it out sometime in the afternoon. He showed me the plug and I sighed in relief. It wasn’t too big and it was tapered so it would be comfortable enough for an extended period of time. Then he opened the fridge and took out the tube of pressed ginger. I needed no prompting this time. I cried, begged, promised, and offered all kinds of thiImage result for ginger in a tubengs to keep him from doing this. Everything EXCEPT use the safeword. Why? Because what he was planning would not actually harm me in any way and because I knew that I had broken two rules therefore deserved two corrections. He spread a liberal amount of the ginger paste on the plug, making sure to cover every nook and cranny. Then, he pressed into my anus. The cold burn was immediate and I started to say something. He, however, reminded me that if I wanted it removed after lunch, that I couldn’t whine. I clamped my mouth shut and nodded. As is our custom, I knelt before him, thanked him for his correction, and asked permission to worship his cock. I licked, sucked, fondled, massaged, fisted, and adored that magnificent cock until he graced me by coming down my throat. The burn was increasing by the moment, but I kept my mouth shut. I would not complain. Besides, the burn would only last about 20 minutes or so. I could last that long. About an hour before noon, Milord told me to get in the car, we were going out for lunch. By now, the ginger had worn off and my anus was no longer on fire. Still, the plug was a constant reminder of who owned my ass. Lunch went well and two hours later, we were back home. Milord kissed me and told me  that he was happy with the manner in which I accepted my corrections. He again bent me over the counter and flipped up my skirt. This time, he removed the plug and I sighed with relief. I heard the tell-tale sound of the zipper and wiggled my bottom more. He pressed his cock against my wet pussy and slowly entered. I couldn’t stand it! I came and came and came. He grabbed my hips and began to fuck me, my body a mass of quivering nerves. Moments later, he blessed me again. Once we had caught our breathes and he stood, I stood as well. He, however, had other plans. With one hand to my back, he gently pressed me back onto the counter. “That was round one,” he told me. I didn’t understand. Then, he held the plug in front of my face and again coated it with ginger paste. I cried, “No, no, no, no.” But he continued. “That’s not the safeword, woman. You know unless that word is used, you can expect no mercy. None. At lunch you wiggled far too much and drew attention to yourself.This will stay in place now until after dinner. We’ll go out again, and this time, I’ll use more ginger just before we leave the house. One whimper. One wiggle. One pleading look is all it will take for you to be plugged all night long. Understand?”

“Yes, Milord,” I answer as the deep burn begins again. “Thank you, Milord.”

“For what? Be specific.”

“For correcting me with a sternness that will help me obey.”

“That’s my woman. You’re welcome.”

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