I KNEW it wouldn’t be long before I broke the No Masturbation Spring Rules. Sure enough Milord was gone for a full week and that was just too tempting. I was fine the first night alone, and the second, and the third. But then came the fourth night and I missed him SO FREAKING MUCH!!!! Then I figured I’d already broken the rule, so may as well walk that road proudly. I gave myself some fine orgasms for the fifth, sixthtumblr_one8a5dSJ21vex6g2o1_540, and seventh nights as well. Milord came home, got himself settled, then asked me if I had kept my Rules. I could have lied, but I didn’t. What’s the point of agreeing to rules if I don’t follow them or if he doesn’t enforce them after all. He sighed (which KILLS me), said he was disappointed but not surprised, then told me to take off my sweater before getting into position. Once over his lap, he pushed down my leggings and held me in place. He asked how many nights I had given myself pleasure. I didn’t even think about lying this time. Four nights. Times ten, so forty spanks, he said. I was good for the first 15, but then it really started to Hurt! I began to kick and squirm and cry and beg. Milord ignored all of my antics (as he should!) tightened his grip, locked my legs beneath his, and continued. He knows I can’t keep track of the count, so he, bless him, counts for me. By the time he finished all forty, I was a wet, sopping mess – all over. He turned me over and held me until I stopped my sobs. Then, he told me that for the next four days I would be denied clothing and pleasure. I would administer to his pleasure as often as he chose, but I was not allowed to orgasm. I began to cry again, but knew this was only fair. If I did orgasm, that day wouldn’t count and another would be added to my sentence. I’d also be spanked forty times each day. Do you accept? he asked. Here’s where I could negotiate. I thought for a long few minutes, then agreed. Good. Now, on your knees, love. I’ve gone without you for a week. I intend to make up for that time and I believe I’ll start with your mouth.

As Milord desires, so I will give


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