Broken Winter Rule

As stated previously, I’ve already broken a Winter Rule by not posting my Winter Rules sooner. As a result, Master was . quite displeased. I can’t believe I’m writing this, but it’s better than another punishment/discipline session. Yesterday’s session – an all day affair – was more than enough to put me on the straight and narrow. First, if you are disturbed by enemas, READ NO FURTHER. With that being said, I’ll begin. Master first told me to undress. I would be confined to the house without clothing for at least 24 hours, longer if I misbehaved during that time. Then, I was go prepare the bathroom. He was going to administer my first enema of the day. First??? I cringed, but remembering his warning of just moments before, did as he ordered. He had me lie on the floor while he prepared a regular, old fashioned luke-warm water enema. Once i was filled, he pulled out the nozzle and pushed in a plug. He then had me stand up and bend over, my elbows on the sink. Using his hand, he spanked me until tears flowed from my eyes and I was dancing from foot to foot. I needed so desperately to relieve myself! Finally, he relented, told me to sit on the toilet and open my mouth. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. Once his cock was in my mouth, he told me I could release the plug, but that I was to keep sucking on him. I did as he said. I can’t remember when I have been so embarrassed!!! Nonetheless, I did it. It was hard to keep his huge cock in my mouth since I was still crying. He must have known this, because he kept saying words to encourage me. I so wanted to make him proud. I tried to ignore my elimination and focus only on him. This helped. Soon enough, I was rewarded with his sweet cum shooting down my throat.


Now, he told me, I was ready for something special. I looked up at him, frightened, but trusting him. Since I had “held on to” my new Rules for so long, I would have to “hold on” as well. It was time for my second enema. He ordered me to lie on my side while he prepared a “special” mixture for me. When it began to flow inside of me, I didn’t notice anything different at first. Then, I began to cramp. Master clamped the tubing, allowing time for my body to adjust. Then he opened it again. Three times this was repeated. He then pulled out the tpinnedubing and replaced it again with the plug. I was crying again, and cramping. He told me to turn over. I did so, reluctantly. The pressure on my belly increased my discomforted. Now, the spanking started. At first, he was slow, methodical, warming my skin. He explained that He had given me an oil enema which would do wonders for cleansing my intestines, but would become quite intense. I was to “hold it” for at least fifteen minutes, during which time, he’d spank me, making sure I remembered my rules. Slowly, he increased both the force and the tempo of his swats. I was crying in earnest now, kicking my feet and pounding my fists. He grabbed my wrists to hold me in place. I had just earned another 4 fours of forced nudity. Then, he said what I had feared.  Once he allowed me to eliminate, I’d need another enema, this last one of clean water, to make sure all of the oil was gone. I sobbed and sobbed, begging for relief. Finally, he helped me to the toilet, allowed me to release the plug, and stood there, watching, as the contents of my bowels emptied. I wanted to crawl in a hole, I was so humiliated.

By the time the third had been administered and released, I was a humbled, repentant, submissive. You can be sure, I will be very, very careful to follow all five rules from now on.

One thought on “Broken Winter Rule

  1. What a humbling experience it must have been, but I’m sure you were content and happy afterwords. He is a very kind but strict disciplinarian. I do envy him, having such a great little sub.
    Is it sick of me thinking that was quite HOT?


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