Q is for Quirt

“The falls on a quirt are made of leather, usually cow hide. The core of the quirt can be a leather bag filled with lead shot; the main part including the handle is often made from braided rawhide, leather, or kangaroo hide and is usually somewhat stiff but flexible.”

Originally, a quirt was used to help motivate a horse to move. However, because of the slower action, it’s main motivator was in the snapping sound made by the two falls. If using a quirt, this is still a motivator, especially if the submissive is Leather quirt / personal flogger if that is your preference. Over 24 inches Long and made with double 12 inch leather ends.

blindfolded. Nothing quite startles like the snapping of leather! Nonetheless, the kiss of the leather on flesh will certainly leave a mark. But, use with caution. Because of the longer, more solid handle, you are more at risk of that striking your submissive that with a traditional whip or flogger. The handle is HARD and will certainly leave a nasty mark which you may not have intended. Therefore, don’t be fooled by the shorter falls. A quirt can certainly leave it’s mark.

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