Training her ass

Clara has always wanted to engage in anal sex, but has always been too frightened. Our goal is to overcome that fear and to train her ass so that we can both enjoy it whenever we (and by that I mean I) choose.

To begin, Clara put herself on a high fiber diet about a week before our start date. This has had the dual effect of keeping her cleaned out and eliminating quite a bit of the bloating she had suffered from. Friday night I bent her over the bed, licking her puss until she was drippe0aa3411d4ef445626bd93f29a88a906ing. I inserted two fingers and tapped her clit with my thumb until she was trembling and clawing at the bed. I’d already lubed up a set of metal beads strung on a silicone string. I bent my head and began licking her rosebud, my cock filling with blood with each ‘ohmygod ohmygod’ that came from her pretty mouth. I kept this up until she had come twice. Only then did I lift the beads and slowly begin to insert them. She stiffened, but with a quick slap on her ass and the command “Relax”, she loosed up again.

Once all four were in her, I asked if she was ready to be properly fucked. “Please! Yes!” was her immediate response. I grinned. My lady, once primed, could go for hours! Slowly I pushed my cock into her weeping puss, letting her feel every inch of me as well as the movement of the balls. Once fully seated, I began to fuck her in earnest. Clara is also very vocal, so I was in no doubt just how much she was enjoying this new sensation. When i was on the verge of coming, I reached down and popped one ball out. She screamed with pleasure. Slowly, I kept popping them out. When the last one popped, Clara’s whole body tensed and released with an orgasm so powerful I thought she’d squeeze my cock in half! Instead, I emptied myself inside of her, the waves of our pleasures crashing into each other.

After, she lay in my arms and I asked her how she liked it. “I loved it, sir. I loved the fullness and the motion and the knowledge that you have claimed everything. Honestly, I felt just a bit empty when they were all out.”

I laughed and told her that was perfect. In the morning, I’d put the balls in again and leave them there while we had breakfast. If she was good, I’d fuck her after the dishes were done, but this time, keep the balls in for another hour afterwards. If she handled that okay, it would be time to try the first plug tomorrow evening.

“Sir, I think I’m going to like this training.”


One thought on “Training her ass

  1. Most Stories start with insertion of fingers, then; begin with small butt plug working up to desired size! I really enjoyed her being started with metal anal beads then do ‘DP” with His Large Cock, more than once! Butt Plugs Coming Ahead! HOT!


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