O is for OTK

O was a rough decision to make – O-ring, Orgasm, Oral sex, Obedience, Owned. Still, OTK or Over The Knee, I believe, is at the heart of BDSM. There is simply nothing like the feeling of your dominant pu0655f-naked2bsuit2bmanlling you over his knees and swatting your bare ass with his bare hand. To feel his power, to know you have given him this power, his bare hand making contact with your flesh, to resist even though you know it is useless, to wiggle and squirm and cry until your body and mind accept what your soul has always know. Then, that glorious feeling of release when your body finally does accept. You slump against his lap, accept your fate, and allow the pleasure of that release to flow through you, melting your bones into soft butter.

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