Training her Ass – Part 2

So far, Clara has done remarkably well with her training. We began slowly with the beads, then with the same beads but for an extended time, then on the third day I inserted the smallest plug. She cringed at this, but after a few orgasms, accepted it easily enough. I kept it inside of her for one hour. The fourth day I used the same plugbdfb6c39deab441bd4f5dcb16f88cef4, but extended her time again to one hour before fucking her and one hour after. Day five and we were up to the second largest plug for one hour after making love to her. Yesterday, the day for the extended time. For the first time since we began this training, Clara balked.

She was fine when I first inserted the plug, but after we made love, she was ready for it to come out. I told her no. She asked again. I told her no and warned her to be good. She got snippy and said whined. Again, I told her to knock it off and warned that is she didn’t stop complaining, she’d pay. Fifteen minutes later, she complained again. I really had no choice at that point. If I had let it go, she would have lost respect for my authority and lost all the ground we had gained in her training.

After making love, she’d thrown on a sundress and I had put on my jeans and t-shirt. I told her to strip using my sternest “Dom” voice. Her eyes widened and she knew she’d pushed me too far. I couldn’t, though, miss that little smirk on her face. She’d been wondering what would happen if she pushed. She found out! I told her to bend over the bed. She could cry and wiggle, but she was not to raise up off the bed. At this point she began to apologize, knowing what was to come. I rubbed her bottom and gave it a few smacks to warm it up.

“Count” I ordered. Ten times I let the cane fly. By the time I finished she was sobbing and dancing from foot to foot and here bottom and upper thighs well marked. I sat on the bed and pulled her into my arms. She cuddled against me while I calmed her. Once her sobs had stopped, I warned her than any further compaining would double the caning to a count of 20. I also told htumblr_p0qkt7JDF01wzbuxzo1_1280er that because she had been warned, I was also adding an additional 30 minutes onto her pluged time. She sniffed, kissed my neck, and said, “Yes, Sir. I understand.”

Today when I inserted the largest of the plugs, not only did she not complain, but she moaned with pleasure, her body beginning to quiver anticipating the pleasure that being plugged would soon bring her.

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