P is for Play party

So there are parites – gathering of friends or friends of friends where drinks, conversation, and food is often shared. Sometimes there’s music, sometimes games. At an Adult Play Party, much of the same is true, except the games are far more of a sexual nature. Despite what people think, a Play part is NOT 100% kinky fun and games. It’s really about 80% social and only 20% kink – which is just fine! People still sit or stand, chat, catch up with each other, laugh, and find common ground. They are just more likely to be dressed in various levels of leather, lace, silk, or nothing at all rather than jeans, t-shirts, or cocktail attire.C8VjEf7XcAA1GRJ

As with all things, there are rules. It’s best really just to think of kindergarten rules. 1.  If you don’t know, ask. 2.  Don’t interrupt a scene without permission. 3.  Don’t touch or play with other people’s toys (which might actually be their submissive) without permission. 4.  If you break some else’s toy, you will likely be asked to leave and not invited back. 5.  Clean up after yourself.


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