Training her Ass – Finale

The intensive part of training Clara’s has has been completed. After only one rebellion, Clara and I are both well pleased with the result. For her part, not only does she no longer fear anything anal, but eagerly looks forward to having her ass taken. If that’s what it takes to keep my lady happy, who am I to complain!?

I suggested a few new rules: When she is on top, my cock will be in her ass. She will be fucked in her ass at least twice a week. She will accept a plug and keep it in until I take it out. Clara quickly agreed to these.

To my shock and delight, Clara added a few rules herself which I quickly agreed to. I will use her puss only in missionary style or some facimile therein. This does not, however mean that I MUST limit myself to just her puss. When taking her from behind, I will fuck her ass. Her ass will be used as much as, if not more than, her pussy. No matter where I come, she will still clean my cock with her mouth. She will be plugged at least every other night when I get home from work whether I have ordered it or not. The plug will remain in until I remove it or give permission for her to do so.

I believe I have created a beautiful, horny, perfect monster!



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