via Daily Prompt: Confess

I kneel before Him, not because he requires me to, but because I do. Without this weekly confession, I feel burdened, weighed down by my trespasses, minor or major. But when I confess, baring my soul to Him, I am freed. Willingly do I completed the penance He assigns. He will not make this easy for me, something that pleases me. If I wanted easy, I could be with someone weaker. No. I need to be held accountable and this He does.

And so I begin to confess my sins, my failings, my misdemeanors. He stands, stoic, listening. When I finish there is silence. He often does this. Remains silent. Forcing me to deeper contemplation as well as anticipation.

“Are you willing to accept your penance?”


“Do you wish for mercy?”

“No.” Mercy is for the weak. I am not weak.

“As you wish.”



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