Satisfied Submissive

tumblr_n3ovqqFARR1sjpefdo1_1280Okay. So maybe I got what I deserved. It’s not like I’m complaining -nope, not a whit. In fact, I’m rather relishing that lovely ache in my nether regions which reminds me that Mister has well and truly admonished my ass and then rewarded it for accepting said admonision without complaint. As stated before, I’m not complaining – not then, not now, not ever! So, yesterday afternoon we were walking the back 40 so to speak. Mister brought up the fact that four days had passed since our last session. I laughed and said he must be getting rusty. When we first began our relationship, barely 24 hours would go by before he was ready again. He gave me a look, but I ignored it. I said that I’d beend dropping hints that I was missing the feel of his hands on me for a few days but that he had missed them all. Mister has placed several benches, posts, picnic tables, and other hidden gems throughout his property and when we came to one of these benches, he sat, pulled me across his lap, pulled down my slightly we panties and got to work proving me wrong. He scolded me for being a brat. He scolded me for not asking for what I wanted. He scolded me for my stubbornness. He also administered a very sound, very long, very thorough spanking. I rarely cry, but Mister made sure I cried yesterday. It was glorious. By the time he finished, I was a wet, heaving mass of properly admonished and humbled submissive flesh. He worked his fingers in and out of me, gathering wetness, repositioning that wetness into my bum. Every now and then he slapped my pussy, making me jump and cry out, ensuring another wave of moisture. I started babbling, begging him to let me come, to use me, to take me, to do whatever he wanted. He pinched my clit. Hard. I screamed his name and came, drenching his jeans.

“Stand up,” he ordered. “Hold onto the seat of bench. Don’t let go.”

I obeyed, savoring the sound of his zipper going down and his jeans coming off. I knew what was coming. We have this rule – okay, HE has this rule. If he uses my ass, he uses my ass. In other words, if I’m spanked then I’m also ass fucked. (Maybe this is one of the many reasons I so enjoy being spanked!) He pressed his tip against my well lubricated bumhole and held on to my hips.

“That’s it. Take it all, baby. You know you love it.”

He’s 100% right. I do love it. He seated himself in me and I clenched against him.

“Don’t hold back,” he murmured.

So I didn’t. I came and then came some more. Mister has stamina and lots of it. He fucked me gently for a long time, making me come until I was dizzy. Then, he shifted his MO and gripped my hips more tightly. He fucked deeper, harder, demanding my surrender which i willingly gave. He released my hips and slapped my already sore ass. He is not one to scrimp on the spankings! I whimpered which spurred him on even more. He was fucking me so hard I was lifted off my feet, impaled on his cock. Finally, when I was afraid I would collapse with pain and pleasure, he came deep inside of me. I cried again, thanking him, praising him.

After, we walked slowly back inside the house. For the rest of the day he wouldn’t let me wear clothing. The moment the scarlet of my ass began to fade he spanked me again. Before going to sleep, he fucked me, leaving me to sleep with my bowels full of his cum. This morning before he left for work he again turned me over and dealt out a stern, hard spanking. How he leaves me red and tender as hell but not bruised is beyond me. Naturally, he fucked me again, taking my very, very sore asshole a third time. Now, I’m so tender I can barely stand to sit, but oh, my, there are no words to express the pure pride and joy of such tenderness. Every ache, every twinge brings smile to my face and wetness to my pussy.

Mister has a very satisfied submissive today.

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