Fourth Sunday of Advent – Eve

Not only is today Christmas Eve, but it is also the fourth Sunday of Advent. Milord has decided that we will celebrate Christmas (Yule) tomorrow, but today is/was for our final Sunday of Advent. He began the day by making love to me. Slowly. Gently. Deeply. Thoroughly. No restrictions whatsoever. I felt well and truly blessed, especially when he pulled out just before coming and decorated my body with his own perfect essence. I would not, he informed me, be allowed to shower until tomorrow moring. Every “decoration” he put on me would remain until either he removed them or Christmas morning. Just as on the previous three Sundays, Isilverbells would spend the day nude at at his disposal. I giggled, kissed him and agreed to do whatever he wanted me to. (Yeah. I know. This may have been rash, but hey, what’s a little subby to do?) When I was in the kitchen fixing breakfast, Milord attached two bells to my piercings. They tinkled prettily, so I didn’t mind a bit. “There. Now I will be able to hear you no matter where you are,” he said and kissed me. The day went on and we finished our decorations and placing all our presents under the tree. Twice Milord had me suck him off (YES!!!) and more times than I can could count he sucked my nipples and gave me the gift of my own Pleasure.  He gave me lovely hand spankings throughout the day and made love to me twice!! Nighttime came and it was time to go to bed. Milord, however, rather than taking me to our room said, “I want to wake up to a very special present beneath the tree tomorrow morning. Are you willing?” I grinned and answered, “Of course, I am! Especially after such a wonderful day!”


That was when I saw the miscievious, very dommy light come into Milord’s eyes. He pulled out a roll of red ribbon and gently but securely tied it around me. He lay me on the floor beneath the tree, placed a pillow beneath my head, kissed me, and walked away, whistling happily. So, here I lie. Eagerly awaiting Christmas Morn.tumblr_md8wlgpmu71rv93u9o1_500

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