Winter Rules 2017-18

House Rules

For a quick review of the House Rules, which are always in place, please click on the above link. These are five basic rules which Milord and I have agreed to. Seasonal rules, however change somewhat every, well, season. Winter officially begins on December 21, therefore, so do our Winter Rules. Winter Rules – a bit late

For comparison, I’ve also added a link to last year’s Winter Rules. Milord really liked (and I really didn’t, but I DID like his reaction to it!) the fifth rule and so, he requested and I agreed to make this our first rule this year.

  1. I will wear only cupless bras and crotchless underwear unless Master decides I am to refrain from any lingerie. Nonetheless, my nipples, cunt, and anus will be open to him (even beneath winter clothing) at all times.

Milord has also been concerned that my anus has not been used enough. Therefore, he suggested and I agreed to Rule number 2.

2.  My anus will be filled for a period of no less than 30 minutes each day. Milord will have full authority to choose with what it will be filled. If he is out of town, he will text me his choice along with the amout of time required. Once in place, I will send him a time stamped photo. When it is take out, I will also send him a time stamped photo so that he may judge the resultant stretching. Whenever he chooses to fuck my ass, this does not count for either the object or the time.

I have noticed inside of myself a small desire to rebel against Milord when he chooses to share me. In an effort to curb this desire, I suggested and Milord agreed to Rule number 3.

3.  Milord will display or share my body with whomever he chooses at least once a week. I will offer no complaint or hesitation, but will gracefully submit to Milord’s will or another’s will upon Milord’s command.

I also tend to get lazy about presenting myself in the Winter. I don’t work outside of the home and, therefore, find it easy to go without make-up and throw my hair up in a ponytail. Milord would rather I present myself in a more feminine manner and, to be honest, I feel better about myself when I do so. Hence Rule number 4.

4.  Each DG9v1smXYAAon6hday I will arrange my hair and apply make-up in a pleasing manner whether I plan on leaving the house or not.

I truly love giving Milord fellatio, but life gets busy and sometimes days will go by without his cock in my mouth. With this in mind, I suggested and he approved of the last rule.

5.  Each morning while Milord enjoys his breakfast, I will ask if he would like me to worship his cock. If he agrees, I will kneel or sit between his knees and do so. If He chooses to bless me, I will swallow every drop. If He chooses to annoint me, I will proudly wear his dried cum on my body for the rest of the day.

I think I’m really going to enjoy this winter!



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