Third Sunday of Advent – Pink

Traditionally, on the third Sunday of Advent the pink candle is lit. This represents hope. In appreciate of this theme, Milord decreed that I would have a day of Hope – Hoping that is. He would be edging me all fucking day long. If I came without permission, I would be punished with a contrast – a ginger fig in my anus (burn) and an ice dildo.  Additionally, because the candle lit on this day is pink, so would my bottom be – not red, pink. We began the day with a lovely light spanking. He placed me over his lap (my Ftumblr_ox5itfqcPd1vu9gbgo1_500avorite position!!) and then proceeded. While using one hand to spank, though, Milord used the other to tweak my clit. Within an embarrasingly short period of time, I was panting and drenched, on the verge of a very merry orgasm! Nope. Edging. Hoping. Milord stopped. I cried out in dismay to which Milord laughed and reminded me of today’s theme. I growled then asked to at least, please, pretty please with a pink bow on top, taste him. Graciously, he granted this, so I slide down between his legs and go on with it. Holy Christmas Cookies, but Milord’s cock tastes like heaven!!  It didn’t take long before he was pouring his creaminess down my throat.

We spent the morning doing various chores – making breakfast, cleaning the kitchen, taking care of laundry, etc. I was, naturally, required to stay nude, and every so often Milord would check the color of my bottom. If the pink had faded, he give me anwhere from 5 to 20 sweet spankings with his firm hand. Every time he did this, he played with my clit. Once, when I was bent over the kitchen counter, he plunged two thick fingers into my wet, aching hole. I tried. I really, really tried, but it was just too much. I came all over his fingers. He chucked, pulled his fingers out, licked them clean and told me to stay right where I was. I HATE ice and I HATE being figged. (But in the interest of full disclosure, they both make me excited and humble as nothing else can!) I heard Milord open both the fridge and freezer. First, he worked in the prepared fig of ginger. I gasped. It was a nice, big, fat fig. The burn was almost immediate. “You’re so beautiful there, pink assed, whimpering, spread. I won’t leave this in too long, my love. I don’t want any tissue to be damaged, obviously. But that fig will stay in for a good twenty minutes.”

He showed me the

ice dildo then slide it into me. I cried out, stomped my feet, and begged. “Please, please. I’ll be good. I promise.” He laughed again and reminded me that I had known and agreed to the rules of the day. My anus was on fire. My pussy was frozen. Cold water dripped down my slit tantalizing my clit before puddling on the floor.  He spun the ice in me then fucked me with it a few times. True to his word, though, He left it inside of me only a brief time, then pulled it out and replaced it in the freezer. I heard his zipper then my world spun out of control. He fucked my


cold, wet pussy, instantly heating it. He had one hand between my shoulder blades, keeping me in position, and one slapping my ass cheek. “Please let me come. Please let me come,” I begged. “No,” he panted. “Come and that ice goes right back in you. I’ve got four more figs already prepared. Come at your own risk, my love.” Then he, mercifully, came inside of me.

By the end of the day, the ice dildo had melted to almost nothing and all four figs had been used. I was a shaking, pink, humbled submissive who jumped every time Milord looked at me, much less touched me! Finally, around midnight, he took my face in his hands and kissed me gently. He told me that he was proud of me and now that the Third Sunday was near it’s end, I was free to come. The moment, THE VERY MOMENT, the tip of his cock touched my outer lips, I freaking exploded!! Colors shot around the room and I swear that I had an out of body experience. His laughter rang in my ears as I clawed his back. He, having come three times already during the day, took his time. Forty-five minutes later, he released one last time in my. I have no idea how many orgasms I had, but let me assure you, they were the some of the most intense moments of my life.

I can’t wait to see what next Sunday brings.

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