Second Sunday of Advent – Pony Play

Today, December 9, is not only the second Sunday of Advent, but also National Horse recognition day. Milord has combined both. Our Advent adventure began here in case you want the background.  The Sunday of Advent – Bondage

This morning, I woke up as usual, went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and found this waiting for me. Heat rose to my cheeks. Milord had always threatened pony play, but I found it ha32f1ff596ba690cf640c420d28ae811umiliating, which also excited him. I have a choice. I could say no. He would certainly respect that, but where’s the fun in saying no? Besides, pony play is a soft limit for me, not a hard one. What better time than Advent, a time to prepare for the King (My king anyway hehe), to push my limits. I picked up the tailed plug along with some lube and brought it back to our room. Milord was sitting up in bed, waiting. The smile on his face made my decision all the more delicious. He patted his lap and I lay over his legs. He massaged my bottom with one hand and worked the lube into my asshole with the other. Soon, the massage had turned into pats which turned into spanks which turned into a proper spanking. I was biting my lip and beginning to cry when Milord slowly slid the plug inside of me. I couldn’t stop myself. I came, crying out his name.

“Now, now,” he said. “Ponies don’t speak. They moan or cry out, but they don’t


speak. Here let me help you remember this.”

Instinctively, I opened my mouth then closed it over a silicone bit. Milord buckled it to the back of my head. I dropped my head to the mattress. After making sure I could breath easily, Milord had me stand, hands on the side of the bed and took out a riding crop.

“Ponies don’t get spanked, either do they?” I shook my head. “No,” he continued. “They are cropped while being rode hard.” Yes!!!! I silently exclaimed!!! He entered my dripping pussy and proceeded to do just that. He cropped my ass while he fucked/rode me hard. I came and came, crying out my pleasure as his cock filled every inch of my body. When he finally released inside of me, I was grateful. Forgetting all about the bit, I slid to the floor to lick him clean. He laughed when he saw me look up in confusion. He wiped his glistening cock across my face and said, “The bit stays in today, my little pony. When it’s time to eat I’ll release it, but aside from that, you’ll stay plugged and gagged until this time tomorrow. If you’re good and don’t complain or release yourself, I’ll fuck your ass which should be good and open for me. If not, I’ll use the single take on your backside. Agreed?”

I could say no. I could refuse. But where’s the fun in that?

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