Body Harness

I love wearing Mr. Man’s ropes, clamps, plugs, ect. It makes me feel like he’s with me even when he isn’t. In respect to this, he got me a gift – a body harness! I’ve never worn one before, but I’m excited to try. It’s made of very soft, flexible fabric so it moves with me, unlike ropes or corsets. It also has lots of metal rings which he can, if he chooses, use as tie down points. Today I’m trying it out, wearing it beneath my clothing to see if (1) it’s comfortable enough for all day wear an (2) if it is discrete enough for public wear. If today goes well, Mr. Man has promised to gift me more harnesses so I can wear them beneath my clothing on most days. How awesome is that! To be able to have him with me, comfortably and discreetly while I’m at work, shopping visiting with my family and friends! I’m really, really hoping this works.

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