Obeying the Rules


I open my mouth. A cock is shoved in and I begin to gag. This, of course, does not matter. I reach up and begin to massage the balls which bounce against my chin as Sir fucks my mouth. Milord presses his wide cock against my anus. I gasp, but don’t even think about pulling away or voice my safeword. As per our agreed upon House Rules

Milord has the right to use me and to share me at any time. Today he invited his friend over (I must refer to him as “Sir”). I had no idea this was going to happen, but that is completely as it should be. Early this morning, Milord had decreed that I would remain nude until further notice, so when Sir walked into our home, I knew it would be an interesting afternoon.

Sir’s cock is not quite as long as Milord’s but it is very, very wide. I can’t help wincing a bit as he presses inward. A moment later, he’s fucking my mouth for all he’s worth. Sir is not one to waste time! He pinches my nipples and I feel a shower of moisture flood my poor, neglected kitty.

“Focus,” Sir orders and I realize I’ve lost the rhythm of my sucking. I raise my eyes to his and silently apologize. I refocus and ignore my aching jaws. I run my tongue over Sir’s crown, feeling prideful pleasure with his groan of satisfaction. Meanwhile, Milord is fucking my ass with hard, deep strokes. I want to come, but I know this will again throw off my rhythm. I am their toy at the moment. It is my place to ensure their pleasure, not my own. Suddenly, Milord pulls out and I gasp in despair.

“Switch,” He says.

I shake my head and whisper, “Please no” just before he pushes his ass juice covered cock into my mouth. “Please no” is definitely NOT my safeword! Sir easily enteres my stretched anus. I close my eyes, blissfully spit roasted between two of the sexieC9KGJtWXUAAXYp_st men on earth.

“Leave her kitty alone. I want it to be lonely today,” Milord says to Sir. I whimper, but accept this. I mean, I don’t really have a choice (nor do I want one!). Sir laughes and then pinches my clit. I arch my back, needing to come. Milord, who knows me so well, slaps my breasts. “You won’t be coming until I say give permission, will you?” With my mouth full of cock, I shake my head, praying that I can obey.

Sir fucks me harder, deeper, then begins his primordial sounds as he spills his seed inside of me. Before I can blink, the two men have again changed places. Sir’s thick, dripping cock is again in my mouth and Milord’s long, powerful member is in my ass. I lick and suck Sir’s cock, cleaning it and milking out every last drop of his cum. My ass throbs and my body coils in anticipation of a massive orgasm. I open my eyes and stare into Milord’s baby blues, tacitly begging him for permission.

“You need it, don’t you. You need to come,” he says as he fucks me deeply. I can’t, of course, answer, because I’m gagged by his friend’s penis. “When I do, baby. You can come when I do.”

I close my eyes and moan with relief. I was terrified he’d continue to deny me. He presses my thighs down. Sir pinches my nipples. Hard. Milord goes in deep and I can feel, thank God!, his quick hard thrusts as he fills me with himself. I raise my hips. Sir pulls his now cleaned cock from my mouth and I cry out my pleasure as wave after wave crashes over me. When I come back to earth, Milord is standing over me, waiting patiently while I catch my breath. I open my mouth, knowing I am now expected to clean him. As I enjoy the crisp, salty taste of myself mixed with him, the two men discuss their plans for the rest of the day.

“She’s very good at that, isn’t she?” says Sir.

“She is. I’m quite proud of her.” (I glow with pride at this and set to cleaning Milord with even more gusto.

“I’m sure her ass is sore by now. Luckily, she has two other holes,” Sir stated.

“That she does. However, I did say that her kitten would go untouched today. What kind of a Dom would I be if I went back on my word?” I groaned, but knew he was right. I’d lose respect for him if he relented.

“Good point,” Sir agreed. “Looks like your Miss here is going to have a set of very sore jaws and a very sore bottom tomorrow.”

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