Humiliation – Day 2

Yesterday was horrific and rewarding. Reverend administered five enemas - each producing painful cramping and strong elimination. Well, four with painful cramping. The fifth was his own cum. My anus is still plugged with a metal plug which has an interal "bolt" that can be removed when I need to evacuate. The only time this … Continue reading Humiliation – Day 2

October 28 – National Erotic Humiliation Day

I approached Master a week before formally requesting that they celebrate National Erotic Humiliation Day. Master, therefore, had time to make arrangements. When the day arrived, I was to be dressed as he had chosen, on my knees, and awaiting his instructions by 7:00 a.m.  Master and I work together, you see, but at work, I'm … Continue reading October 28 – National Erotic Humiliation Day

Every Choice has a Consequence

Tonight, I have a choices.Of course, each choice has a consequence and I do not have the choice of consequence. Only Mr. Bradley has that choice. I don't even know what the consequences will be. Some will be pleasant, others unpleasant (at least to begin with). Honestly thought, every choice is pleasant when Mr. Bradley … Continue reading Every Choice has a Consequence