October 28 – National Erotic Humiliation Day

I approached Master a week before formally requesting that they celebrate National Erotic Humiliation Day. Master, therefore, had time to make arrangements. When theDMKEyxoW0AAtadl day arrived, I was to be dressed as he had chosen, on my knees, and awaiting his instructions by 7:00 a.m.  Master and I work together, you see, but at work, I’m actually his boss, which is one reason why I so enjoy being the submissive in my private life!Bossing the Boss

He came to my home at 7:20 a.m., keeping me waiting for over 25 minutes (I was 5 minutes early!). I didn’t mind at all. This time actually helped me get into the right frame of mind. He fixed himself a cup of coffee, sipped it, then took out his cock. “Look up at me, but otherwise, stay in position.” I did He was masturbating. I so very much wanted to lick his cock, touch him, suck him, cradle his balls, anything! But no, this was not to be. He came, his hot come covering my face and neck. He reached down, rubbing the cream into my skin where it would stay all day long.

He helped me to my feet and walked me to our bedroom – which is a different room from my bedroom. Our bedroom is filled with items he could use with me, on me, and in me at any time. This morning he bends me over the “horse”. always the gentleman,


he asks if I wish to be tied in place. I know if I stand or break position, I’ll be sorry, so I have, at times, asked for this. Today, though, I decline. If i can’t control myself, i deserve to be punished harshly. He warms my ass first, then the spanking truly begins. he uses his hand until I’m sobbing. Then, he pauses, rubs my back gently and checks to make sure I’m still at green. I am, and so he unbuckles his belt. I sob louder, which he ignores. By the time he finishes, my ass is scorched by his leather and a small puddle of tears has grown on the floor. My thighs are coated with wetness as well. “You’ve made me hard again, girl,” he says. He works his fat cock slowly into my pussy. I sob again, this time from pure pleasure. I’ll endure anything just to feel his cock inside of me. He pulls out, though, and I gasp. Slowly, he spreads my tortued cheeks and I feel his lubricated crown pressing against my rosebud. I bite my lip and he presses in. I feel like I’m going to split in two, but it’s so, so lovely. He grabs a handful of my hair, pulls my head back, and whispers, “You didn’t think your pussy would see much action today, did you? No. Not today.” He punctuates each word with a thrust. “Today you’ll take it in the ass or in your mouth. You’re going to have cum smeared all over you body, girl, but not in you.”

“Oh god,” I moaned.

“You’ll wear it all. fucking. day. long,” he continued. “When I come in your office, each time I come into your office, I’ll tell you top or bottom.”


“You’ll either kneel for me if I want your mouth or bend over your desk if I want your ass.”


“I’ll spank your ass or your tits right there in your office. I’ll come on those reddened tits, your face, or your ass and back. Just.  Like.  This.”

And he did.


He pulled out and i cried, desperately wanted his fullness back. Hot cream splashed onto my tender, abused ass. I moaned in despare. God I wanted the taste of it in my body! He again helped me to stand, his hand buried in my hair. He took my mouth, kissed me, demanding my complete surrender, which I so eagerly gave.

This morning, I stand in front of my mirror and see the humilation of yesterday. He did not allow me to shower

last night. Dried cum marks my face, my throat, my breasts. My breasts are swollen, the nipples tender. Bite marks are emblazed around my nipples. I turn and see my ass still stripped and swollen where his belt and hands marked me. a Fine white sheen lies on top of the redness. He stayed with me last night, subjecting me to his will throughout the night. Only a moment ago he made love to me, sweetly, gently, beautifully. He came, finally, inside of me. I smile at my reflection, pleased by what I see. It is with a quiver a regret that I step into the shower and was away the degregation of yesterday.

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