Humiliation – check in

The Reverend has been as good as his word – as I knew he would be. A few weeks ago he put me in a 3 day long intensive humiliation boot camp. I came out of it happy, definined, submissive, and content. He also promised that he would never again let me become as bossy, bitchy, sassy, and unhappy as I was just before his intervention. Now, as soon as I hear him come into our apartment, I drop to my knees, eyes on him, and wait until he releases me before I move. He keeps me in nudity most days, my clothing locked away. I worship his cocktumblr_lfs3twYxzq1qg9gljo1_500 and come as often as possible. I have never been more content. Now, I am over his lap, my head on the ground, my legs wrapped around his waste. My the feel, my ass is bright red. He’s just delivered my nightly spanking (which I came twice during!) His fingers are scissoring in and out of my anus, preparing it for a plug or his own Almighty Cock. He calls me his Cumslut and reminds me that he owns me – which is true. I have given myself completely into his powerful hands. Another gush of wetness tells him how his words affect me and he laughs before delivering another twenty hard slaps to my ass.  Then, he adds a third finger to the two already in my ass. I begin to pant, understanding his intent. His one handed spanking slows to a steady yet constant rhythm and he eases in a fourth finger. The tremors begin anew and Pleasure washes over me. He adds the thumb and twists slowly. “It’s too big. I can’t,” I mutter too quietly for him to hear. The spanking, hard and steady, mirrors my heartbeat. Then I scream and jerk as his hand slips the tight ring of my spinchter. He fists my ass and I shatter into a million sparkling bits before darkness takes over.

Later, I’m in bed next him, my anus tender, sore, and filled with his cum. My ass tender, sore, and hot to the touch. “Happy?” he asks.

“Never more so,” I answer.

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