Humiliation – Day 1

Reverend has decreed that I need to do penance and i heatily agree. I have been edgy, bitchy, surly, unhappy, uppity, and cras for weeks now. He’s had enough and, honestly, so have i. It is high time He takes me in hand and demands my complete surrend1a04e7ab14f16d8c0b2a83c185aea3aeer. Today began that journey. In order for me to be truly repentent and once again a happy submissive woman, I will need to be broken. My pride and my self will must be broken. There is only one way to do this – total and complete humiliation. Reverend begins this by having me strip then go downstairs to the ROOM.  I will remain in the ROOM for as long as he decides. It is basically a basement without interior walls, but fully heated and air conditioned and outfitted for it’s use. No one comes here without Reverend’s approval because only he has the key to it. Cameras with a direct feed to his phone and computer are positioned so that he can see every single inch of the space. There is no escape from his vision.

Once in the ROOM, I am in every sense of the word captive. I glance around and see a few changes he has made. First, I see the X table – rather like a St. Andrew’s cross but horizontal and on locking wheels – next to the bathroom area. As there are no walls, the shower, sink and stool are all clearly visible. I pale, seeing the equipment next to the shower. He grabs my arm and marches me to the X. There, he places me spread eagle and locks my legs and arms in place. I babble at him, telling him to stop (notice no safeword, though!), telling him he’s a kinky bastard. He ignores me and lubes my ass. He shows me the metal plug with a detachable center before he slides it slowly into place. He still hasn’t said a word to me, just lets me rant and dig my own grave. Humming to himself, he pulls out the center plug and inserts the business end of an enema tube inside of me. I’m bucking up off the table, so he calmly takes off his belt Image result for bucket enema kitand wraps it around the center of the X and my waist, keeping me in place. He the pulls out a 2 liter container filled with – NO!! – milk and molasses!!! Dear god! Empties it into the bucket, attaches the tubing, hangs the bucked up high and lets loose. My bowels fill with the liquid quickly, causing my body to crap. He slows down the flow a bit, but continues until the entire 2 liters is inside of me. He carefully rolls the table over the stool, pulls out the tube and reinserts the metal plug.  The cramping is horrific!

I start to cry, to beg forgivness, to make promises we both know I will never keep. Finally, he’s had enough. He begins his lecture, sermon really.

“You will endure what I want you to endure. You will be cleansed inside and out until I am satisfied. Yes, it will be uncomfortable and yes you will feel pain, but you will not be harmed, so your pleas are useless. In fact, the more you beg and complain, the harsher your punishment and humiliation will be. For the next several hours you will be filled and allowed to release and filled again. This, my love, is but the first of five enemas you will hold. Yes, I said five. You will hold each until it pleases me to release them. You have no choice. You will shit in front of me, piss in front of me. You will have no privacy of any kind. Once I allow this one to be released, I will fill you again with plain water increasing the volume by half a liter. Your third will be a mixture of water and cayenne pepper. This will help elminate some of the gas build up and burn delightfully both going in and coming out. Once this is complete, I’ll give you another plain water enema for a good overall cleaning. Your final enema will be my cum. In between each administration, you will show your gratitude by sucking my cock.”

I sobbed, begged, cursed until my mouth was filled with his cock. I gagged, much to his delight, but he stood over me and fucked my mouth. Tears fell from my eyes as he bend slightly and began to slap my wide open pussy. I screamed, but the sound was muffled by the fullness in my mouth. He stood, grunted, and plunged balls deep. He released down my throat and I reflexively swallowed. Oddly, despite the cramping in my bowels, my abject humiliation and the pain of my slapped puss, I felt a calmness descend on me. When me pulled his well sucked cock from my lips, I no longer sobbed, but felt somehow softer. Just them a ferocious cramping hit me and I cried out. Reverend had tucked himself back in his trousers and walked around to stand between my legs.

“Fifteen minutes. Time to release.” My face flamed as he unscrewed the central plug and a slash I could not control followed. I was grateful that he had wheeled me over the stool at least. He stood, watching, playing with my nipples, while my bowels emptied themselves.

“Reverend?” I said hesitantly.


“Really, I’m better already. You don’t have to continue,” I assured him.

“Oh, my love, but I do. Now, let’s get your second enema ready, shall we?”

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