Shall we Go?


Of course, it will be uncomfortable. What’s the fun in your being comfortable?

Yes, some of the people at the club may well hear the vibrator, but so what. It IS fetish night at the strip club.

I don’t care that you’re embarrassed. Actually, I rather like it. You are far more in the sub mind set with a bit of humiliation.

Yes, I’m aware that you may have an orgasm in public. That would be delightful!

Besides, this way, I can be sure no one will take advantage of you without my permission.

Yes, I may very well decide to have you strip off your clothing. That’s my choice. You gave me that power. Keep it up, and you’ll go to the club with a red ass as well as one that is filled and locked filled and locked. Then again, maybe that’s what you’d like? Maybe you’d like for me to strap you to a spanking bench and redden that pretty ass of yours. Or, maybe I’ll let others redden it for me.

Yes, I think that’s a marvelous idea. Now, stop your crying. I can smell your excitement. You know what, cry. Cry all you want. Your tears are a sign of your surrender aren’t they?

Good. Yes, Sir. That’s what I wanted to hear. Now, shall we go?





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