Hotel Challenge

Of course, I could have said NO, but did I? No. Of course not! That would have been far too easy. No, I said YES and I was damned sure I was going to stand behind my word. My Mister and I went on a short vacation – just four days in Vegas. During that time, He challenged me. Within moments of being in a hotel room I would be naked from the waist down. I could keep my bra on since I had just gotten my nipples pierced and they were still very, very tender. I laughed and agreed. We had this rule for hotels for a very long time. He upped the Ante. I would remain in whatever position He required of me until He and He alone released me. I would also remain silent (except for my safe word) and obedient to Him in all things.

What could go wrong?

What I didn’t know was that another kinky couple was also going to be in Vegas. I had never met them, but Mister knew them well. He had booked adjoining suites with the couple.

The first night we were there was no problem. I began stripping out of everything except my bra the moment we walked into the room. Mister nodded His approval, bent me over the bed and fucked me senseless. It was delightful. The next morning after breakfast, however, was when things turned truly challenging. We went back to the room after we ate and I, being a good submissive, stripped. Mister decided that I needed a bit of bondage time and tied my arms behind my back. I hate this position because I feel so very vulnerable, precisely why He loves it so much. Then, He knocked on the adjoining door. My mouth dropped open and I squeaked. Mister gave me a warning look.

The door opened and there stood a man of medium height. He greeted Mister like an old friend and held the door open. I could see behind him a woman tied spread eagle and totally naked on the bed. My eyes about popped out of my head. Mister waved his hand, indicating that I should precede him into the neighbor’s room. Gawking and blushing, I did so.

He sat me on a chair facing the window, back to the bed, and spread my legs wide. I could see out, but not behind me. I heard all kinds of lustful noises, a few slaps, lots of moans, some begging, fucking, and finally sounds of ecstasy. I had no idea if Mister was part of this or not. He knows how turned on I get watching him with other women, but not KNOWING if the sounds were from Him or the other man was excruciating and unimaginably exciting! Luckily, we were on the 35th floor, so no one down below could see the honey dripping down from my exposed labia.


I sat there, panting, needing, but silent as Mister and the other man chatted about something or other, laughed, and played with the other woman. Finally, Mister helped me to stand, told me to thank my hosts (which I did), and escorted me back into our room. He shut the door and reached down to swipe one finger along my slit. He licked the honey from his finger and laughed. I blushed fiercely and felt a tear squeeze out from my eye. I’m not sure when I had been so humiliated.

Mister laughed, enjoying my humiliation and bent me over our bed. The moment his cock entered my eager tunnel I came. Violently. He held me in place with one hand and slapped my ass with the other. By the time He finally found His own pleasure, I was ass and pussy sore, but oh so satisfied.

“If you enjoyed that, just wait until you see what I have in store for you tonight.”

I moaned, cursing myself and praising myself in equal measure for accepting his challenge.

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