Another type of punishment.


How much longer could he be? As long as he chooses, I answered myself. I’d been a brat all day, so it was no wonder he was aking me suffer.

“Downstairs. Now. Here, take my belt. It better be in a handy location when I get down there.”

Realizing I’d pushed him too far, I bowed my head and unlocked the door to the basement leaving my clothing folding on the top step. I was not allowed to wear anything that he hadn’t put on me down there. . The entire floor was one big playroom. A large bed graced the middle of the room, but knowing his mood, I lay down on the plush rug on the side of it. Carefully, I reached back and placed his belt on my ass. I knew better than to disobey now. I knew the position he expected.

My fingers laced together behind my neck, my face turned to the side, and my legs slightly spread. Now, all I had to do was wait. And think. And anticipate. And imagine. Because a spanking was one type of punishment, but this, this was another.

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