Rules 4 and 5

Shower, Shave, clean yourself inside and out thoroughly. Insert the anal beads and ben wah balls. Put on the white dress, sandals, and large hat. Walk to Marigold’s Tea Room. Follow the waitress to your table. You have 90 minutes. Wait for further MY FIRST ANAL BEADSorders.

I read the text message three times. Milord was invoking one of his rights per our New Year Rules 2020. Ninety minutes wasn’t long to be “clean inside and out”, so I rushed to get started. My heart was racing. I both hated and adored when he put me in this situation. I would be alone (although he would probably be watching from afar), and vulnerable. Both my nether holes filled, my nipples clearly visible from beneath the thin dress, and no idea of what was going to happen. At least Marigold’s was owned by a friend who knew us well and was also an active lifestyler.

I arrived with one minute to spare. Janice, the waitress, smiled knowingly as she led me to a private room setumblr_osq70ld3pz1rrqsx6o1_1280t for high tea. “Please be seated. You may enjoy one cup of tea, but nothing else,” she informed me as she poured the hot amber liquid into a dainty teacup then closed the curtains, leaving me in complete privacy. The tiny room was windowless and lit by only one taper.

I sipped the smokey tea slowly and waited. Suddenly, the curtains opened and in stepped a man I had never seen before. He sat across from me, poured himself a cup of tea, refilled my cup, and began eating the delicate sandwiches and cakes. I said nothing, but sat there becoming more and more excited and nervous as time went on. I lifted my cup and sipped. He stopped eating and stared at me, frowning.

“One cup of tea” Janice had said. I put my cup down, blushed, and apologized. Milord had set a test for me and I had failed, as he knew I would.

“Remove the hat and dress.”

I glanced at the closed curtain, stood, and slipped the dress down from my shoulders.

“Now you may finish your tea.”

I sat and did as the man said.

“Good. Your Lord is seated at the table just on the other side of the curtain. He can hear every word spoken. Do you understand?”

I do.

“You will crawl beneath the table, remain on your hands and knees. I will release my cock and you, my pretty, will  suck it until I come. You will swallow every single drop. If even so much as one drop spills from your mouth, I will take the nipple clips I have in my pocket, attach them before you put your dress back on, and you go home with those very large clamps clearly visible beneath that lovely dress. Proceed.”

I gulped and slid beneath the table. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out the largest cock I had ever seen. I got to work, gagging often. He had not said I could use my hands, so I stayed in position on the floor and used only my mouth. After what seemed to be a very long time, with my jaws aching and tears flowing down my face, his hot seed finally shot down my throat.

I gagged again, his giant cock thrusting mercilessly down my throat. My mouth filled with his cum and a tiny bit dribbled down my chin.

He stood, tucked himself back in, and zipped up his trousers. He held out his hanStainless Steel Nipple Clamps - Rolik®d to help me stand. He smirked, seeing the trail of cum on my chin, and said, “Your Lord was right. My cock is too large for your mouth. Now stand still.”

I bit my lips as he attached the metal clips. Once they were secure he told me to put on my dress and hat then to exit the tea shop and walk to the waiting car.

As I stepped from behind the curtain, I saw Milord sitting at his table, a huge grin on his face. I blushed, but kept walking. The man and Milord exchanged a few words. Outside, a liveried chauffeur stood beside a Mercedes. When he saw me, he opened the back door and I slid inside.

The moment I stepped inside of the house, my phone buzzed with another text.




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