Wearing Jeans

50+ best flared pants outfits for this winterNew Year Rules 2020  

I do love wearing jeans. Honestly, it’s worth also having to wear a plug for the feel of my legs encased in soft denim.

What I didn’t expect was the exquisite feel of the soft denim on my freshly spanked ass.

Mister wanted to make sure I appreciated wearing jeans – a rare gift – and so it began.

First, he lubbed up my anus good and proper. Then, bless him, he fucked it, easing his cock in and allowing my body to stretch with him. There is absolutely nothing as glorious as him buried deeply in my ass. It is total surrender and total joy. He took his time, making sure I came, before allowing himself to use all of his power. Finally, he too came, filling me with his cum.

Moments after pulling out of me, he inserted the plug which I still wear. After all, what he puts in, only he can take out.

When he asked if I’d like to wear jeans today, I didn’t hesitate with my answer. That was when he ordered me not move. If I was going to wear jeans, he said, I’d be grateful for them.

And so the spanking began – first with his hand, then with his crop – until my ass was on fire and he was satisfied.

Wearing jeans will never be the same again.


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