The Disciplinarian

The Disciplinarian She is late, which is unusual. She knows well that if she is late her regular discipline session will be that much more severe. Today was going to be severe anyway. She admitted in her last confession that has eaten sweets three times last week - a serious infringement since she is diabetic. … Continue reading The Disciplinarian

The sound of Discipline

Really, it's the sound. Not the sight. Not the fear. Not even the exquisite sensation of endorphins coursing through my body. That is not, naturally, to say that the sights, the sensations are irrelevant. No. They all combine together to form a perfect encounter. But it's the sound of my Love's voice. The sweet whisper … Continue reading The sound of Discipline

I’ve been a Bad Girl

Yep. Bad. Not just Bad. Terrible. I was feeling neglected by Uncle and so I intentionally broke a few rules - some REALLY important ones. Now, I'm not feeling neglected at all. I'm feeling ashamed, humiliated, loved, protected and sorry. Which rules did I break?  Don't Lie to Uncle Don't be out past 9 p.m. … Continue reading I’ve been a Bad Girl