TMI Tuesday

Using the questions found at My answers are NONFICTION! 1. Confession booth. Confess two things right here on TMI Tuesday. 2. I am guilty of _____ . Procrastination. I'm brilliant at it. Sure, there are dishes in the sink, but my dog wants to play. Yes, I need to work on edits, but maybe … Continue reading TMI Tuesday

24/7 TPE Trial Stone and I decided we wanted to try a TPE 24/7 lifestyle for a short period of time. We have done this for some time, but only in the bedroom. In truth, it was primarily me who wanted to try it. We couldn't decided on a time period, so I suggested that I get … Continue reading 24/7 TPE Trial

Chastity’s Chastity

"But why this?" Chastity complained. "Once more, Chas. Utter one more complaint or question and you'll be paddled again," George answered. Chastity would have rubbed her already scarlet bum, but her hands were tied above her head. She bit her bottom lip to stop her voice but was powerless to stop the single tear from … Continue reading Chastity’s Chastity

Follow your Rules

(This story is available for your listening pleasure through Anchor at Casey looked down at the growing puddle of tears . Joseph loved her tears. Normally, she wasn't a fan, but tonight was different. Tonight she needed to cry. She had not only agreed to the rules she broke, she was the one who … Continue reading Follow your Rules