Day 18 into the 24/7 life

I slip my dress over my head and smooth it, feeling the metal of my now familiar chastity belt beneath. Ri’ has taken away all of my pants and shorts. All I have left are dresses, skirts, and tops. I was not happy about this, but accepted his decision. That had been four days ago. I had to admit, I do feel more feminine wearing dresses.

My bottom is tender as hell now. It just about heals from the evening spanking when morning comes along. I’m also so freaking horny that all Ri’ has to do is speak and I get wet!

Today is shopping day and Ri’ has elected to accompany me. I’m glad, because he had to punish me again this morning and I want to be sure he doesn’t have to do so again. Once again I complained about the belt and begged for one – just one – orgasm. He calmly sat me down and reminded me of why I was not allowed one for a few more days. He said he was proud of how I had handled everything so far and could see that we were both happier than we had been before this all began. I could find fault with nothing he said and so I apologized

Nonetheless, because I HAD complained, I must be punished. I unlocked my belt and added another feature to it. A dildo. I closed my eyes and began to cry. He told me to open my eyes and watch. I deserved this. He then liberally doused the dildo with some ginger paste, scolding me for complaining. It took a few minutes once I was all locked up again for the ginger to Image result for hippy dressbegin doing its work. Soon, spicy fire ignited my pussy and I wiggled all over. Ri’ stood, unzipped his trousers, and had me suck him per our morning ritual. He soothed me with his words, reminding me that if he went easy on me I wouldn’t learn my lesson. I would continue to complain instead of accept. He was right. Soon, all that matter to me was the cock in my mouth and making sure I pleased him.

Now, all dressed for the store and the fire inside dying down to a slow heat, I smile and reach for his hand. I stand on my toes to kiss his cheek and whisper my thanks into his ear.

On one hand, I’m surprised by my acceptance. On the other hand, I’ve never been more content in my life.

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