On becoming a 24/7 lifer

Twenty one days. Twenty one full days of chastity. Twenty one full days of 24/7 lifestyle. Twenty one full days of strict rule following and even stricter punishment. Yes, we are fully aware that it generally takes MORE than 21 days to form a habit, but this is where Ri’ has decided we will begin. After 21 days, he will assess our progress and decided at that point if modification of my strictures is required.

These rules are not just for me, but for him as well. He need to train himself to be a more present Master, protector, enforcer, and dominant. With this in mind, if he forgetumblr_p7plefzTLs1vdwq0co1_1280ts a stricture, it is my responsibility to remind him. Should we both miss step, we will have both confine ourselves to no less than 12 consecutive hours in each others company.

Each morning and evening will see his cock in my mouth after I have spent no less than ten minutes having my ass, thighs, pussy, and/or tits spanked. I will wear the chastity belt at all times unless he chooses to use my pussy, which, he assures me, is unlikely since the belt he locked me into does not cover my anus. It is far more likely that for the next 21 days only my mouth and ass will be used. I will not be allowed to orgasm because (upon my request) I need to focus on his pleasure, not my own. The only reason, he informs me, for the removal of the device would be if he decided to pussy spank me.

I will dress for the day, go to work, complete the grocery shopping, and do all of my regular chores. If I want to do something outside of this such as stop by a coffee shop, go out for a drink after work, or even just go for a walk I must ask permission first. It is likely he will grant this, but he simply must know where I am and what I am doing at all times. This, obviously, is necessary if we are to follow our dream of living a 24/7 lifestyle.

I am well award that by day three I will be frustrated as hell and want to rebel. Ri’ has assured me that he is prepared for this. He will, I should have no doubt, enforce our agreed upon strictures severely. Only if I say “Creature” will he pause so that we can reassess the situation. Otherwise, I place myself under his hand and under his control.


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